NEIL YOUNG - COMES A TIME with J.J. Cale - Folk Rock 12" LP VINYL AlbuM

 Music Genre:  Folk Rock Music 

Collector's info:

Photography Coley Coleman

Album Production:

Producers Neil Young, Ben Keith, Tim Mulligan, David Briggs

Band Members and Musicians on: Neil Young Comes a Time

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Neil Young - guitar, vocals
  • Frank Sampedro - vocals, guitar
  • Billy Talbot - bass
  • Ralph Molina - drums
  • Tim Mulligan - saxophone
  • Many guest performers including J.J. Cale

Track Listing of: Neil Young Comes a Time

    Side One:
  1. Goin' back
  2. Comes a time
  3. Look out for my love
  4. Peace of Mind
  5. Lotta Love
    Side Two:
  1. Human Highway
  2. Already One
  3. Field of Opportunity
  4. Motorcycle Mama
  5. Four Strong winds

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