J.J. Cale Cocaine / Hey Baby 7" picture sleeve Vinyl Single

This is the original version of the song: Cocaine which was later covered by Eric Clapton


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Album Summary:


This is the rare Swiss pressing of JJ Cale's Cocaine, note the "+ML+" printed below the title on the record's catalognr. This pressing has been produced and distributed in Switzerland only, because of the size of the Swiss market, only a small number of these records have been produced.

Artist/Band:  J.J. Cale  

Music Genre:

Pop, Rock
Trivia:  Produced by Audie Ashworth
Tracks side 1:  Cocaine
Tracks side 2:  Hey Baby

Label Information:

Shelter 11 662 AT , Audiogram Music

Vinyl Record Format:

7" Single, PS Picture Sleeve  

Year & Country:

1976 Made in Switzerland

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