POSSESSED ( Death / Thrash Metal , USA ) Vinyl Album Cover Gallery & 1980s Discography

Possessed is a Death/Thrash Metal band from San Francisco, California (USA) and was formed in 1983 by Mike Torrao, Mike Sus, jeff Becerra and Brian Montana.

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On the discography listing below you will find POSSESSED ( Death / Thrash Metal , USA ) vinyl records released during the 1980s. For each record you will have the record company's catalognr, album title, year and country of release. Complete information for each record can be viewed by selecting the corresponding links. Albums have been ordered in ascending alphabetical order of the album titles.

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During the 1980's the Possessed Heavy Metal band has released three official recordings on vinyl.

1985 Seven Churches
1986 Beyond the Gates
1987 The Eyes of Horror

Core members of Possessed included:
Jeff Becerra - Lead Vocals, Bass one of the founding members of the American Death/Thrash Metal band "Possessed" and has been in this band since 1983. Other bands he has played in are Blizzard, Misery, Side Effect, Sub-zero.
Larry LaLonde - Guitar (real name: Reed Lawrence LaLonde) - Guitars. Has been playing guitar with the Heavy Metal bands: 1984-1987 Possessed and also Blind Illusion, Blizzard, Caca, Corrupted Morals, No Forcefield, Primus
Mike Torrao - Guitar one of the founding members of the American Death Metal band Possessed. He has also played in the bands: Blitzkrieg, Iconklast, Infanticide.
Mike Sus - Drums one of the founding members of the American Death Metal band "Possessed"



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  POSSESSED - Beyond the Gates ( 1986, GB ) 12" LP
 POSSESSED - Beyond the Gates (1986, GB) 12" LP

Under One Flag FLAG 3 , 1986 , England

"Beyond the Gates" by "Possessed" comes in a gimmick Gatefold (FOC) cover design, the entire cover can be folded open and the inner cover can be used as one large poster

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  POSSESSED - Seven Churches ( 1985, Netherland ) 12" LP
 POSSESSED - Seven Churches ( 1985, Netherlands ) 12" LP

Combat Records / RoadrunneR RR 9757 , 1985 , Netherlands

"Seven Churches" is Possessed's debut album . The album had a massive impact on heavy metal in general, but also in establishing death metal. Many die-hard fans have dubbed Possessed and Seven Churches as the "granddaddy of death metal",

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  POSSESSED - The Eyes of Horror ( 1987 , USA ) 12" EP
 POSSESSED - The Eyes of Horror ( 1987 ,  USA )

 Combat 88561-8168-1 , 1987 , USA

"The Eyes of Horror" by the American Death Metal band "Possessed" is the last record they recorded and released during the 1980s, this record was produced by Joe Satriani.

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