Deftones - S/T self-titled 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

 Deftones is the self-titled 2003 album released by the American Alternative Rock / Nu-Metal band "DEFTONES".

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deftones album cover

Album Description &Collector Notes:


The Deftones are one of the most influential and innovative bands to emerge from the late 1990s nu-metal scene. Their unique blend of heavy guitars, atmospheric soundscapes, and emotionally charged lyrics set them apart from their peers, and their self-titled 2003 album, also known as the "White Pony" album, stands as a high point in their career. Originally released on CD and vinyl, the 12" vinyl LP version of the album is a must-have for fans of the band and vinyl collectors alike.

The album's opening track, "Hexagram," sets the tone for what's to come with its crushing riffs and aggressive drumming. Singer Chino Moreno's vocals alternate between a melodic croon and anguished screams, perfectly complementing the music's dynamics. s.

One of the things that makes the vinyl LP version of the album so special is its packaging. The album's cover art, featuring a white skull against a black background, is striking in its simplicity. The vinyl itself is a beautiful black color, and the record sleeve features full-color artwork and lyrics. The attention to detail is evident, and it's clear that the band wanted the album to be a complete and immersive experience for the listener.

Another reason to seek out the vinyl LP version of the album is the sound quality. Vinyl has a warmth and depth that digital formats can't replicate, and the album's production, courtesy of Terry Date and the band themselves, sounds incredible on vinyl. The guitars have a crunch and clarity that cut through the mix, and the bass and drums have a weight and impact that make you feel like you're in the room with the band.

This album includes the original insert with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and photos of the Deftones

Music Genre:

  Alternative Punk Death New Metal
Album Production information:
The album: "Deftones" was produced by: Terry Date and the Deftones

  Terry Date is an American Music producer and sound recording engineer, specializing in the rock genres, specially heavy metal. He is well known for his work with Overkill , Metal Church , Slipknot, Pantera, Soulfly, White Zombie, Deftones, Dark Angel , Dream Theater, Slayer , Soundgarden and Limp Bizkit.

 He was born on 10 November 1954, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Date began his musical career in the 1970s as a recording engineer, working on albums by a number of well-known artists in the rock and heavy metal scenes.

He is known for his distinctive production style, which combines powerful, heavy guitar sounds with dynamic, punchy drums and clear, clean vocals. Date has been recognized as an influential figure in the heavy metal and hard rock communities, and his work has been widely praised for its impact on the sound of modern metal music.

Record Label Information:

  Waverick 9362-48350
Record Format:
12" 170grams Vinyl Full-Length Stereo LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 250 gram  
Year & Country 
2003 Made in USA
Album cover photos of : Deftones S/T self-titled
Band Members and Musicians on: Deftones S/T self-titled
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Abe Cunningham - Drums
  • Chi Cheng - Bass
  • Frank Delgado - Samples, keyboards
  • Stephen Carpenter - Guitars
Track Listing of: "Deftones"

The Song/tracks on "Deftones" are

  • Hexagram 4:09
  • Needles and Pins 3:23
  • Minerva 4:17
  • Good Morning Beautiful 3:28
  • Deathblow 5:28
  • When Girls Telephone Boys 4:36
  • Battle-axe 5:01
  • Lucky You 4:10
  • Bloody Cape 3:37
  • Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event 3:57
  • Moana 5:04
Photo of "Deftones" Album's Front Cover 
High Resolution Photo Deftones S/T self-titled  
Photo of "Deftones" Album's Back Cover  
High Resolution Photo Deftones S/T self-titled  
Photo of "Deftones" Album's Inner Cover  
High Resolution Photo Deftones S/T self-titled  
Close-up Photo of "Deftones" Record Label 
High Resolution Photo Deftones S/T self-titled  

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