WEHRMACHT - Biermacht 12" Vinyl LP Album

  BIERMACHT is the second and final album released by this American Thrash Metal band

 Despite their German name: "Wehrmacht", this is a Thrash Metal band from Portland, Oregon, USA. Their main activity period was from 1985 until 1990 in which they released two official albums: Shark Attack 1987 and Biermacht 1989.


Album Front cover photo of : Wehrmacht Biermacht

"Biermacht": A Thrashing Brew of Crossover Chaos
Album Description:

In the late 1980s, amidst the thriving thrash metal scene, a band from Portland, Oregon, emerged with a unique and irreverent take on the genre. WEHRMACHT, despite their German-sounding name, were a decidedly American band, and their 1988 album "Biermacht" became a cult classic in the crossover thrash scene.

Historical Context and Musical Exploration

"Biermacht" arrived at a time when thrash metal was evolving and diversifying. While the Bay Area scene was still dominant, bands were experimenting with different sounds and influences. WEHRMACHT tapped into this spirit of experimentation, blending thrash's aggression with elements of punk, hardcore, and even funk.

The album is a whirlwind of energy, with fast tempos, frantic riffs, and Marco Zorich's distinctive vocals. Songs like "Beermacht," "Binge & Purge," and "N.O.R.M.L." showcase the band's ability to combine technical proficiency with a sense of humor and a love of all things alcohol-related.

WEHRMACHT's musical exploration on "Biermacht" extended beyond the sonic realm. The album's lyrics are often satirical and tongue-in-cheek, addressing topics like alcoholism, social conformity, and political hypocrisy. This irreverent approach, combined with their high-energy live shows, made them a favorite among fans who craved something different from the norm.


WEHRMACHT's controversial image and lyrics did not go unnoticed. Their use of Nazi imagery, albeit often in a satirical context, drew criticism from some quarters. However, the band maintained that their intention was to shock and provoke thought, rather than promote any hateful ideology.

Production Team and Studio

"Biermacht" was produced by Randy Burns, who had previously worked with Megadeth, Kreator, and Possessed. Burns' production captured the raw energy of WEHRMACHT's live shows while maintaining a level of clarity that allowed their intricate musicianship to shine through. The album was recorded at Track Record Studios in North Hollywood, California.


Frontman Marco Zorich was a force of nature, both on stage and in the studio. His distinctive vocals, ranging from raspy shouts to manic screams, were a defining element of WEHRMACHT's sound. His stage presence was equally captivating, as he commanded the audience with his wild antics and irreverent humor.

Album Description:  Liner notes: I saw the next act, Wehrmacht and wished I had missed them also. Sorry Guys but punk bands belong at the Satyricon. In my opinion the crowd was more entertaining than the band, going crazy slam dancing and jumping off the stage and PA Speakers

Music Genre:

Hardcore Punk Crossover Thrash Metal Music

Album Production:

Recorded at Sound Impressions.

Sound/recording engineering Bob Stark.

Cover art: Chris Warner.

Photography Gary Decarrico

Record Label Information:

New Renaissance Records NRR50 / Bagel and Beer BMI
Album Packaging: This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Wehrmacht and photos. 

Media Format:

12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year & Country:

1989 Made in USA
Band Members and Musicians on: Wehrmacht Biermacht
    Wehrmacht's Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • "Tape Head" Tito Matos - Lead Vocals
  • Brian Lehfeldt - Drums
  • John Duffy - Guitars
  • Marco "Sharko" Zorich - Guitars
  • Shann Mortimer - Bass
Track Listing of: Wehrmacht Biermacht
    Side One:
  1. You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
  2. Gore Flix
  3. The Beer is Here!
  4. Drink Beer For Free
  5. The WehrMacht
  6. Everb
  7. Munchies
  8. Night of Pain I
    Side Two:
  1. Balance of Opinion
  2. Suck my Dick
  3. Drink Jack
  4. Radical Dissection
  5. Beermacht
  6. Outro
Album cover photos of : Wehrmacht Biermacht

Album Front cover photo of : Wehrmacht Biermacht

Collage of colour photos of Wehrmacht band-members on the album back cover 

Collage of colour photos of Wehrmacht band-members on the album back cover 

Collage of black and white photos of Wehrmacht band-members on the album custom inner sleeve  

Collage of black and white photos of Wehrmacht band-members on the album custom inner sleeve  

Close-up photo of the Black & White "New Renaissance Records" Record Label 

Close-up photo of the Black & White "New Renaissance Records" Record Label 


WEHRMACHT - Selected Vinyl LP Albums
WEHRMACHT - Biermacht
Thumbnail of WEHRMACHT - Biermacht album front cover

New Renaissance Records NRR50 , 1989 , USA

In the historical context of American Thrash Metal, "BIERMACHT," the final album by the Portland-based band Wehrmacht, stands as a testament to the genre's global reach. Despite their German moniker, the band's roots lie firmly in the USA. Released on a 12" Vinyl LP, the album encapsulates the energy and evolution of Thrash Metal during its time, making a lasting contribution to the genre's rich tapestry.

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WEHRMACHT - Shark Attack
Thumbnail of WEHRMACHT - Shark Attack album front cover

New Renaissance Records NRR23 , 1987 , USA

"Wehrmacht: Shark Attack" thrashes its way into the spotlight on the 12" Vinyl LP Album, marking the debut release by the American Thrash Metal band. Released in 1987, "Shark Attack" stands as a landmark in Wehrmacht's discography. Dedicated to Lucky Lager, each track on this album showcases the band's raw thrash energy and musical intensity. A must-have for Thrash Metal enthusiasts, this debut LP immortalizes Wehrmacht's contribution to the relentless sound of American thrash in the late '80s.

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