CARNIVORE - RETALIATION roadrunner records Lyrics SLeeve 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Carnivore's" swansong,"Retaliation," graces the vinyl realm as a 12" LP Album on Roadrunner Records, accompanied by a Lyrics Sleeve. This 1987 release, the American Speed/Thrash Metal band's second and final album, emanates raw power and intensity. Produced by Alex Perialas and recorded at Systems Two Brooklyn and Pyramid Sound, "Retaliation" etches its place in metal history, encapsulating Carnivore's uncompromising sonic assault and lyrical prowess.

  This album "CARNIVORE - Retaliation" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and photos of the Carnivore band


large album front cover photo of: CARNIVORE - RETALIATION

Album Description:

The 1987 album Carnivore - Retaliation
12" Vinyl LP Album is an iconic piece of heavy metal history. Released by Roadrunner Records, one of the premier labels in the genre, the album showcases the unique sound and style of Carnivore, a band that was ahead of its time.

The album features twelve tracks that showcase the band's aggressive, raw sound. The opening track, "Jack Daniel's and Pizza", sets the tone for the album with its fast-paced, pounding drums and distorted guitars. The lyrics, delivered with ferocity by lead singer Peter Steele, are filled with rage and aggression, making it clear that Carnivore was not a band to be messed with.

Other standout tracks on the album include "Angry Neurotic Catholics," "Ground Zero Brooklyn," and "Jesus Hitler." The lyrics on these tracks are dark and confrontational, with Steele addressing taboo topics such as religion, politics, and war. The music, which features pounding drums and distorted guitars, perfectly complements the intensity of the lyrics.

The album was produced by Alex Perialas, who also worked with other iconic heavy metal bands such as Anthrax and Testament. Perialas was able to capture the raw energy and intensity of Carnivore's live performances on the album, creating a sound that was both aggressive and polished.

Despite its critical acclaim and devoted fanbase, Carnivore was never able to achieve mainstream success. The band's confrontational lyrics and controversial subject matter made them a difficult sell for radio and television, and their uncompromising approach to music and lyrics meant that they were never able to fully appeal to the mainstream metal audience.

However, Carnivore's influence can still be felt in the heavy metal scene today. The band's uncompromising approach to music and lyrics paved the way for other bands to push boundaries and explore controversial subject matter. And while the band may not have achieved mainstream success, their legacy lives on through their music and their devoted fans.

Music Genre:

 Hardcore Crossover Thrash Metal

Production information:

The album: "CARNIVORE - Retaliation" was produced by: Alex Perialas

Alex Perialas is an American Producer and sound engineer, and owner of the "Pyramid Sound Recording Studios" in Ithaca, and has been responsible for the production and engineering of dozens of Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s. Perialas is a well-known music producer and engineer who has been active in the industry for over three decades. He has worked with a wide range of musical artists, including heavy metal bands like Anthrax , Slayer , and Overkill , as well as pop artists like Taylor Dayne and New Kids on the Block. Throughout his career, Perialas has become known for his technical expertise, creative vision, and ability to bring out the best in his artists.


Perialas was born in Greece and grew up surrounded by music. His father was a classical guitarist and his mother was a singer, so it was only natural that he would develop an early love for music. He began playing the guitar at the age of 12 and quickly became interested in recording and producing music. He moved to the United States in the 1970s to study music engineering and quickly began working in the industry, first as an assistant engineer and then as a producer.

One of Perialas' earliest successes came with the release of the album "Among the Living" by Anthrax in 1987. This album marked a departure from the traditional sound of heavy metal and helped to establish Perialas as a major player in the genre. He went on to produce several more albums for the band, including "State of Euphoria" and "Persistence of Time". He also worked with other heavy metal acts like Slayer, Overkill, and Testament, helping to shape the sound of the genre and establish it as one of the dominant forces in popular music.

In addition to his work in heavy metal, Perialas has also produced and engineered albums in a wide range of other genres. He has worked with pop artists like Taylor Dayne and New Kids on the Block, helping to create some of their biggest hits. He has also worked with hip-hop artists like MC Lyte and jazz musicians like Grover Washington Jr. This versatility and ability to work with a wide range of artists is one of the reasons why Perialas has been so successful throughout his career.

Throughout his career, Perialas has been dedicated to the art of music production and engineering. He has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of recording and a keen ear for what makes a song sound great. He is also a creative visionary who is able to bring out the best in his artists, helping them to create music that is both innovative and commercial. His work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy nominations and wins.

In conclusion, Alex Perialas is a music producer and engineer who has made a significant impact on the industry. His work has helped to shape the sound of heavy metal and establish it as one of the dominant genres in popular music. He has also worked with a wide range of other artists, bringing out the best in them and helping them to create innovative and commercially successful music

Sound Engineer: Mike Marciano

This album was recorded at: Systems Two Brooklyn, New York and Pyramid Sound, Ithaca

Tom Coyne (1954-2017) - Mastering Engineer

Bonnie Graham - Photography

Richard Termini - Photography, keyboards, producer

Cover art: Sean Taggart

Record Label Information:

 Roadrunner RR 9597

Media Format:

 12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

 1987 Made in Holland
Band Members and Musicians on: CARNIVORE - Retaliation
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Peter (Peter Steele) - Vocals, Bass
  • Mark (Marc Piovanetti) - Guitar, Vocals
  • Louie (Louie Beateaux= - Drums

Collector notes:

Peter Steel, real-name: Petrus Thomas Ratajczyk has used various aliases while singing and playing bass in several bands. Some of these aliases are "Lord Petrus Steele", "Peter Ratajczyk". In 1979 he was founder of the "Fallout" band and in 1982 he founded "Carnivore".

Louis Beato aka Louie Beateaux - Bass, like Peter Steele played in the Fallout band before joining Carnivore.

Track Listing of: "CARNIVORE - Retaliation"

The Songs/tracks on "CARNIVORE - Retaliation" are

  1. Jack Daniel's And Pizza (0:55)
  2. Angry Neurotic Catholics (2:48)
  3. S.M.D. (2:27)
  4. Ground Zero Brooklyn (4:40)
  5. Race War (5:56)
  6. Inner Conflict (5:03)
  7. Jesus Hitler (5:17)
  8. Technophobia (3:56)
  9. Manic Depression (3:07)
  10. USA For USA (3:21)
  11. Five Billion Dead (3:02)
  12. Sex And Violence (3:51)
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