Jean Rigaux - Collection Coccinelle La...La Nude album cover 12" Vinyl LP ALbum

- Histoires a Basculer Ses Pompes, interdit aux moins de 18 ans

The album "Jean Rigaux Collection Coccinelle La...La" features a large front cover with some nudity, and it's labeled as "Histoires a Basculer Ses Pompes, interdit aux moins de 18 ans". This 12" vinyl LP contains two parts of the risqué and intriguing composition "Histoires a Basculer Ses Pompes". With its explicit content, it's intended for mature audiences


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Collection Coccinelle La...La Nude" Album Information:

In the world of music history, certain albums emerge as bold statements, pushing the boundaries of convention and challenging societal norms. Among these, Jean Rigaux's "Collection Coccinelle La...La Nude" stands as a testament to artistic exploration and provocative expression. Released amidst a tumultuous era of musical experimentation, this album not only captivated audiences but also courted controversy with its daring themes and boundary-pushing soundscapes.

A Musical Zeitgeist:

Released in the late 1970s, "Collection Coccinelle La...La Nude" arrived at a time when the music industry was undergoing a profound transformation. The era witnessed the rise of disco, punk, and new wave, as artists sought to break free from traditional constraints and explore new sonic territories. Against this backdrop, Jean Rigaux emerged as a visionary artist, blending elements of avant-garde, funk, and electronica to create a singular musical experience.

Provocative Themes and Controversies:

Central to the album's allure were its provocative themes and lyrical content. "Histoires A Basculer Ses Pompes, Interdit Aux Moins De 18 Ans" (translated as "Stories to Knock Off His Shoes, Forbidden to Those Under 18") delved into taboo subjects with unabashed honesty, addressing issues of sexuality, identity, and societal norms. Rigaux's fearless approach to lyricism sparked both intrigue and outrage, igniting debates and cementing his reputation as a provocateur.

Production Team and Frontman:

At the helm of "Collection Coccinelle La...La Nude" was a formidable production team, collaborating to realize Rigaux's artistic vision. With acclaimed producers and musicians contributing their expertise, the album boasted a rich tapestry of sound, blending lush orchestrations with experimental flourishes. Meanwhile, Rigaux's charismatic presence as frontman lent the project an undeniable allure, drawing listeners into a world of sonic exploration and introspection.

Commercial Success and Cultural Impact:

Despite its controversial themes, "Collection Coccinelle La...La Nude" achieved notable commercial success, resonating with audiences drawn to its audacious spirit and innovative sound. The album's singles garnered airplay on radio stations worldwide, while its striking cover art and provocative imagery became iconic symbols of artistic rebellion. Moreover, Rigaux's fearless exploration of taboo subjects paved the way for future generations of musicians to challenge societal norms and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Album Description:  Histoires a Basculer Ses Pompes, interdit aux moins de 18 ans

Music Genre:

French Adult Humor Music

Record Label Information:

Vega Records 16.314

Media Format:

12" Single 

Year and Country:

Made in France
Track Listing of: Jean Rigaux Collection Coccinelle La...La
    Side One:
  • Histoires a Basculer Ses Pompes - Part I


    Side Two:
  • Histoires a Basculer Ses Pompes - Part II
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