MARDUK - Infernal Eternal Picture Disc 12" VINYL

Marduk's "Infernal Eternal" takes vivid form in this picture disc release, a testament to the Swedish Black Metal band's prowess. Capturing the essence of their second live album, recorded during the intense "World Panzer Battle tour" in France during 2000, this 12" vinyl offers a unique visual and auditory experience. The intricate imagery on the picture disc complements the raw power of Marduk's live performance, making it a must-have for aficionados of the black metal genre.

Album Front cover Photo of Infernal Eternal

Marduk's "Infernal Eternal": A Black Metal Masterpiece on Vinyl and a Commercial Triumph

"Infernal Eternal" Album Description:

Swedish black metal titans Marduk have carved a unique path in the world of extreme music. They have an uncompromising vision and a relentless sonic assault that's gained them a loyal following, fueling the success of albums like "Infernal Eternal." This live release, particularly in its picture disc vinyl format, epitomizes the raw energy of Marduk and stands as a testament to their commercial impact within the underground metal scene.

The Music: A Live Blitzkrieg that Resonated with Fans

"Infernal Eternal," recorded during Marduk's Panzer Division tour in 1999, showcases the band's live power This album's brutal energy delivers a distillation of their best-loved tracks. It features classics like "Wolves", "The Black...", and "Materialized in Stone," as well as deeper cuts like "On Darkened Wings." The unrelenting pace and the production's raw edge capture the chaos and intensity Marduk's concerts are known for, ensuring fans would return to the album again and again.

Vinyl Format: A Visual Enhancement and Commercial Boost

While the music on "Infernal Eternal" is timeless, the 12" picture disc format added another dimension that helped drive sales. Black metal often utilizes striking imagery, and picture discs are an ideal medium to showcase that. The detailed artwork on the "Infernal Eternal" picture disc, with its demonic sigils and inverted crosses, adds a layer of visual impact perfectly mirroring the intensity of Marduk's music. This attention to detail added to the album's appeal.

Legacy and Commercial Success

Marduk's "Infernal Eternal" on picture disc serves as a powerful reminder of the band's commitment to sonic extremity and their ability to connect with a devoted fanbase. The vinyl medium, particularly the eye-catching picture disc, lends a nostalgic and tactile feel to the album – something cherished by fans in the underground metal scene. This format helped fuel sales within their niche. As a snapshot of Marduk at their live peak, showcasing the raw power that's become their signature, "Infernal Eternal" captures a unique moment in the band's history and solidified their status as a commercially viable act within their genre.

Front Cover Photo Of Infernal Eternal Picture Disc
Front Cover Photo Of MARDUK - Infernal Eternal Picture Disc


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Photo Of The Back Cover Infernal Eternal Picture Disc
Photo of album back cover MARDUK - Infernal Eternal Picture Disc