Electric Flag - A Long Time Coming, Feat Michael Bloomfield 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Long Time Comin'" is the first/debut studio album by the American Rock / Blues-Rock band "THE ELECTRIC FLAG", it was originally released in March 1968. This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


High Resolution Photo Electric Flag Long Time Coming Vinyl Record

Album Description:

In the vibrant musical landscape of the late 1960s, one album emerged that would capture the essence of rock and blues, fusing them into a unique sonic experience. "Long Time Comin'" by The Electric Flag, featuring the legendary Michael Bloomfield, stands as a testament to the era's musical experimentation and the band's remarkable talent. Released in March 1968, this debut studio album marked a significant moment in the evolution of rock and blues, with its powerful tracks and a lineup of exceptional musicians.

A Fusion of Rock and Blues

"Long Time Comin'" was not just an album; it was a journey through the heart and soul of American music. The Electric Flag, a rock and blues ensemble, crafted a sound that pushed the boundaries of traditional genres. Led by the iconic Michael Bloomfield on guitar, the band boasted an impressive lineup of musicians who contributed their distinct talents to the album's rich tapestry.

Musical Prowess and Collaborative Energy

At the heart of "Long Time Comin'" was the genius of Michael Bloomfield, whose guitar work resonated with raw emotion and technical prowess. Collaborating with fellow musicians, including Harvey Brooks on bass, Buddy Miles on drums, and Marcus Doubleday on trumpet, the album became a playground for creative expression.

The keyboards, skillfully handled by Berry Goldberg, Herbie Rich, and Mike Fonfara, added layers of depth to the compositions, while the saxophones, played by Peter Strazza and Herbie Rich, along with the baritone sax by the latter, brought an intoxicating brass dimension. Trumpet virtuoso Marcus Doubleday's contributions elevated the album's dynamic range.

Diverse Influences and Experimental Sounds

"Long Time Comin'" was more than a mere collection of songs; it was an exploration of sound. The addition of sitar, masterfully played by Richie Havens, and the futuristic Moog synthesizer, expertly handled by Paul Beaver, showcased the band's willingness to embrace diverse influences and experiment with new technologies. The result was a sonic palette that defied categorization.

Behind the Scenes

The album's production was in the capable hands of John Court under Goscourt Production. Sound engineer Roy Segal worked meticulously to capture the energy and nuances of the performances, ensuring that the essence of each instrument was faithfully represented.

The album cover, designed by Roslav Szaybo and Michael Farrell, reflected the music's fusion of classic and contemporary. It visually echoed the collision of rock and blues, with its bold colors and innovative design.

Liner Notes and Legacy

Murray S. Krugman's liner notes provided insight into the album's creation and the band's ethos. It was clear that "Long Time Comin'" was not just an assortment of tracks, but a deliberate and cohesive artistic statement.

Music Genre:

  American 60s Psych/Acid

Album Production Information:

Produced by John Court a Goscourt Production

Sound engineer Roy Segal

Liner notes by Murray S. Krugman

Album cover design: Roslav Szaybo, Michael Farrell

Record Label Information:

  Embassy S EMB 31061 / CS 9597

Media Format:

  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year & Country:

  1968 Made in USA

Transcript of the album's original liner notes

It goes without saying that The Electric Flag was an extremely Important group when looking at rock through historical or musical portholes. First of all the Flag paved the way for quite a bit of what is currently going down on the pop scene. Those of today's fave-raves who bridge the gap between soul music and rock are directly derivative in approach to the Flag. People like Joe Cocker. Leon Russell, Delaney & Bonnie. Rhino and others in this genre are all derivative of The Electric Flag in approach (not to mention deriving style from the likes of Otis. Aretha, Ray, Sam Cooke et al).

In addition, The Electric Flag was probably the first group the underground could proudly point to as a bona fide 'Super-Group."Super-Group,' not In the sense of blowing everyone's socks off, like The Beatles, Stones or Presley (they might have been, but the Flag broke up long before their potential was reached) but 'Super-Group' in the sense of 'name' rock musicians joining to form an all-star, or as the Flag put it. 'An American Music Band.' At the time of the Flag's inception, founder and guitarist Mike Bloomfield was just about the hottest guitar player around.

He had recorded with Dylan, John Hammond and Peter, Paul & Mary. It was during Bloomfield's historical stint with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band that several prominent critics called him 'the most influential guitarist in pop music.' In fact some of his solos on 'East/West' are still well before their time. Organist Barry Goldberg was also quite a journeyman by the time he joined the Flag. He had played with Dylan. Mitch Ryder ('Sock It To Me Baby') and had recently left the Goldberg/Miller Blues Band (the Miller was Steve Miller) when he hooked up with the Flag. Nick Gravenites was The Electric Flag's lead singer. At the time Nick joined the group,

He was primarily known for penning 'Born In Chicago' for Paul Butterfield (as well as making guest appearances with the group). Since then he has recorded his own album and has written for Janis Joplin, Bloomfield, Otis Rush, Quicksilver and many others. The Flag definitely had one of the all-time heavy rhythm sections in Buddy Miles and Harvey Brooks. Buddy was the Flag's focal point, perched on his drums, sweating Into his American flag shirt with the now-famous 'Electric Flag' poised above his head. Bloomfield had discovered Buddy between gigs the latter had held withWilson Pickett and Otis Redding. Whereas Buddy was always on the road,

Harvey had long been at home in the studio. Brooks has recorded with Dylan, Kooper, Phil Ochs, Judy Collins, Eric Andersen, John Simon and The Doors, just to name a few. One of the all-time lay-back cats. Harvey's mellow jazz-oriented bass lines made for a very interesting contrast with Buddy's very upfront drumming. Peter Strazza was playing tenor sax with Barry Goldberg before he joined the brass section of the Flag. Trumpeter Marcus Doubleday paid his dues with the unlikely combination of (respectively) Bobby Vinton, Jan & Dean and The Drifters before he joined Bloomfield & Co. As you can see, this was a very heavy, very revolutionary, very intense and very volatile group.A group that split apart long before anything close to potential was reached. Nevertheless, it was a group that really left Its mark.

Anyway, this Is The Electric Flag and I hope you dig It, 'cause I sure do! — Murray S. Krugman

Band Members and Musicians on: Electric Flag - A Long Time Coming, Feat Michael Bloomfield
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Guitar - Michael Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks, Sivuca
  • Keyboards - Berry Goldberg, Herbie Rich, Mike Fonfara
  • Bass - Harvey Brooks
  • Drums - Buddy Miles
  • Tenor Saxes - Peter Strazza, Herbie Rich
  • Baritone Sax - Herbie Rich
  • Trumpet - Marcus Doubleday
  • Percussion - Buddy Miles, John Court, Michael Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks, Marcus Doubleday, Sivuca, Richie Havens, Joe Church,
  • Sitar - Richie Havens
  • Moog - Paul Beaver

Track Listing of: Electric Flag - A Long Time Coming, Feat Michael Bloomfield

The Song/tracks on "Electric Flag - A Long Time Coming, Feat Michael Bloomfield" are:

    Side One:
  • Killing Floor
  • Groovin' is Easy
  • Over - Lovin' You
  • She Should Have Just
  • Wine
    Side Two:
  • Texas
  • Sittin' in Circles
  • You Don't Realize (Dedicated with great respect to Steve Cropper and Otis Redding)
  • Another Country
  • Easy Rider
Album cover photos of : Electric Flag - A Long Time Coming, Feat Michael Bloomfield
Photo of Front Cover 
High Resolution Photo Electric Flag Long Time Coming Vinyl Record
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
High Resolution Photo Electric Flag Long Time Coming Vinyl Record  
Close-up Photo of Record Label 
High Resolution Photo Electric Flag Long Time Coming Vinyl Record  

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