EMI Country Codes used by vinyl records

This section contains the EMI Europe Country Codes for serious vinyl LP collector. In most cases the EMI Codes are the first two letters of the records catalog number. These EMI Country Code were used to indicate the country in which the record was manufactured.

EMI Code - Country
 0C = UK
 1A = Holland
 1C = Germany
 1J = Spain
 2C = France
 2E = Austria
 2J = Greece
 3C = Italy
 3E = Switzerland
 4C = Belgium
 4E = Sweden
 5C = Holland
 5E = Finland
 6C = Denmark
 6E = Denmark
 7C = Sweden
 7E = Norway
 8E = Portugal
 9C = Finland
 10C = Spain
 11C = Portugal
 12C = Austria
 13C = Switzerland
 14C = Greece