Carlos Santana - Havana Moon 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


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Description / Collector's info: : 

This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Carlos Santana  

Music Genre:

80s Jazz Rock 

Album Production Information:

Produced by Jerry Wexler and Barry Beckett in association with Booker T. Jones, Carlos Santana and Keith Olsen
Recorded at the Automatt, San Francisco

 The Automatt was a sound recording studio in San Francisco, California, promoted for its early mix automation system. During its eight active years, 1976 to 1984, it was one of the top recording studios in the region. The Automatt was founded by producer David Rubinson and opened in an existing studio subleased from Columbia Records, who continued to record in the same building for a few years; thus it was sometimes referred to as CBS/Automatt. Rubinson leased the whole building in 1978 and from that point, operated three rooms for recording and mixing, a mastering room, a rehearsal room, and offices. The studio complex was known for its top-notch equipment, for the hit records it produced, and for the famous artists who recorded there. Under Rubinson and chief engineer Fred Catero it served as the training ground for respected recording engineers such as Leslie Ann Jones and producers such as Scott Mathews.

Label Information:

CBS 25350 / AL 38642  

Media Format:

12" LP  

Year & Country:

1983 Made in Holland / EEC  

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High Resolution Photos of santana havana moon    

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