"Roll Along" is the 1974 and first full length studio album released by the Dutch pop band-in "Teach-in". This album was produced by Eddie Ouwens and photography by Ronnie Hertz.

This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


Album Front Cover Photo of TEACH-IN - Roll Along

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Album's Condition and Grading Details

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TEACH-IN - Roll Along Essential Information

Music Genre:


Label & Catalognr:

 CNR – 651.005

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1974 Netherlands

TEACH-IN - Roll Along Production & Recording Information


  Eddy Ouwens - Producer

 "Eddy Ouwens" a Dutch Musician and Music producer, he is best known for his tribute song to Elvis Presley: "Remember Elvis Presley" and producing the albums of the "Teach-In" band for which he co-wrote the 1975 winning entry for The Netherlands of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sound & Recording Engineers:

  Jan Audier - Sound Engineer

Jan Schuurman - Sound Engineer

John Sonneveld - Sound Engineer

Tweemille Elzen - Sound Engineer

Recording Location:

  Recorded at Soundpush Studios and Dureco Studio

Album Cover Design & Artwork:

  Studio 't Hart - Album Cover Design


  Ronnie Hertz - Photographer

 Ronnie Hertz a well-known Dutch Photographer best known for his female model photography, he has been active since 1963.

Musicians on: TEACH-IN - Roll Along

Band-members, Musicians:

Getty - Lead Vocals

 Getty Kaspers a Dutch Singer from Austrian origin and lead singer in de Nederpop bands: Balloon and Teach-in.

Ard Weeink - Vocals, Trumpet, Bass

Bertil Voller - Trombone ,

Chris de Wolde - Vocals Guitar

Fons Diercks - Trumpet

Harry Mooten - Accordion

Herman Schoonderwalt - Saxophone

John Gaasbeek - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass

Koos Versteeg - Vocals, Keyboards, Accordion

Leon de Graaff - Banjo

Nappy Noya - Percussion

Rick Beekman - Guitar

Rob Meyn - Percussion

Ruud Bosch - Trombone

Ruud Nijhuis - Drums, Percussion

The Dutch Rhythm Steel Orchestra - Steel Drums

Willy van Diepen - Saxophone

Track-listing of: TEACH-IN - Roll Along

Tracklisting Side One:

  1. In The Summernight
  2. Sing To The Moon
  3. I'm Alone
  4. Bye Bye Bye
  5. It's A Beautiful Day
  6. Doll

Tracklisting Side Two:

  1. Tennessee Town
  2. There Ain't No Time
  3. Old Friend Goodbye
  4. Silly Billy (Silly Milly)
  5. The Circus Is Coming To Town
  6. Fly Away

Album Photo Gallery of TEACH-IN - Roll Along


Front Cover Photo Of TEACH-IN - Roll Along


TEACH-IN - Roll Along front cover https://vinyl-records.nl

 Note: The photos on this page are taken from albums in my personal collection. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash. Images can be zoomed in/out ( eg pinch with your fingers on a tablet or smartphone ).

Photo Of The Back Cover TEACH-IN - Roll Along


TEACH-IN - Roll Along back cover

Close up of Side One record's label TEACH-IN - Roll Along

"Roll Along" BLUE CNR Record Label Details: CNR 651.005 ℗ 1974 Sound Copyright

Close up of "Roll Along" BLUE CNR Record Label Details: CNR 651.005 ℗ 1974 Sound Copyright

Photo Side One Vinyl LP TEACH-IN - Roll Along


TEACH-IN - Roll Along vinyl lp record

Photo Side Two Vinyl LP TEACH-IN - Roll Along


TEACH-IN - Roll Along vinyl lp record