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Rock Music on Vinyl

Rock catalogue of vinyl records, because of the huge size of Rock vinyl album collection, this section has been given a webpage per letter. You can find records by clicking on the letter corresponding to the first character of the band's name, for example Accept can be found under the letter A, Metallica is filed under the letter M. However if the band's name starts with "The" this should be omitted, eg. The Beatles can be found under B of Beatles. Band names starting with numerics can be found like: 10cc is Ten CC thus under the T.


This website has the following information sections:

Vinyl Records Guide - This section contains detailed descriptions of  collectible vinyl records. For each record you will find recording and  production information, band-member lists and track-listings. Each web-page  has this detailed description as well as high-resolution scans of the album  covers and the record labels.

Online Record Shop - In the Online Record Shop you will find great deals  on rare and collectible vinyl records LPs and picture disc.

EMI - Country Codes. The EMI Country Codes on the record's album covers or  records labels may help you to determine the originating country of a particular record

Vinyl Glossary - New in record collectiing? This glossary will help you to  decypher the various codes and acronyms used by record collectors

Market Codes - This list of Market of Marketing codes will help you to determine  the country of origin for records.

Record Grading - The Record Grading page contains a detailed description of  the most common method of grading your records

Rare Album Covers - This section list rare and hard to find album covers. And  include album covers designed by famous artists, art-workers, and photographers. See album covers designed by Boris Vallejo, Soroyama Hajime, Julie Bell, HR Giger  and many others.

Record Price Guide - The Record Price Guide has general information on estimating the value or prices of records as well as detailed information on record collecting, topics covered include how to start with record collecting, maintenance and cleaning of records and many other valuable topics related to record collecting

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