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Neat Records – RR 9556

Price 14.95€

WARFARE - A Conflict of Hatred (1988, Netherlands)

On this album "Mantas" from the "VENOM" band is guest musician.

RoadrunneR Records – RR125499

Price 27.95€

WARFARE - Total Death (EP, 1985, Netherlands)

"Total Death" is an EP (Extended Play) record from the NWOBHM Metal band "Warfare". The band-members at the time of the recording include EVO, Falken and Gunner. "Algy Ward" was responsible for the production. It has been recorded at the "Impulse 24 Studio". Keith Nichol was responsible for the sound engineering. Album cover artwork was by Elky-Fritz-Otch-Apple.


Price 12.99€


WARFUCK - Neantification (Clear Vinyl) 2013 Europe

Mausoleum Records - SKULL 83109

Price 34.99€

WARHEAD (BE) - The Day After 1986 Belgium

Noise - N0019

Price 32.99€


WARRANT - First Strike ( 1985, Germany ) New Item  

This album "First Strike" by the German Speed Metal band: Warrant , is their first official recording and 6 tracks. The album front cover artwork was done by Phil Lawvere a cover illustrator in Berlin in the early eighties, when thrash metal was born. He created covers for bands such as Celtic Frost, Rage, Kreator, Vendetta, Death Row, and Helloween. The photo of the Warrant band on the back cover was taken by Fred Baumgart . A photographed since the mid-1980's several German Heavy Metal bands, including: Warrant, Ballantinez, Kreator, Rage, Deathrow, Voivod, Tankard.

Capitol Records – 2406481

Price 7.95€

W.A.S.P - Inside the Electric Circus (1986, France)

"Inside The Electric Circus" is the third studio album by W.A.S.P., released in 1986, it has been produced by the band's singer: Blackie Lawless, sound engineering was handled by four sound engineers: Duane Baron, Alex Woltman, Hans Peter Huber, Kevin Lahu. The Germany producer Michael Wagener (ex-Accept) has been taken care of the sound mix and no one else then George Martino mastered the record.

Sanctuary Productions / Capitol Records

Price 7.99€


WASP - The Real Me Shaped Disc

Roadrunner 125 505

Price 14.95€

WAYSTED - Self-Titled (EP) (1984, Netherlands)

"Waysted" is "Waysted's" second recording and follows up on their debut album "Vices". "Waysted" has been produced by "Leo Lyons" (Leo Lyons is better known as bass-player in the British Rock band: "Ten Years After".) Musicians performing on this album are "Fin Muir - Vocals", "Andy Parker - Drummer", "Neil Shepard - Guitar", "Paul Chapman - Guitar", and "Pete Way - Bass". Before joining "Waysted" in 1984, "Andy Parker" has been drumming with "UFO" from 1969-1983. "Paul Chapman" gained a lot of experience by playing in several bands including "Skid Row", "UFO" and joined Waysted in 1984. "Pete Way" is one of the founding members of "UFO" and after leaving "UFO" in 1982 forms "Waysted" in 1982 together with "Fast Eddie Clarke"


Caroline CARLP 3

Price 29.95€

WHITE ZOMBIE - Make Them Die Slowly ( 1989, Germany)

"Make Them Die Slowly"
In this 2nd album of "White Zombie", the band moves away from "Noise Rock" towards "Heavy Metal"

It is the first album by "White Zombie" citing Rob Zombie.

This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with photos and lyrics of all songs.

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8307

Price 13.99€

  WILDFIRE - Brute Force and Ignorance

WILDFIRE was a British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) from London, England. This band was active from 1982 until 1985, during this period they released two official-full length albums (and two single's): "Brute Force And Ignorance" in 1983, while "Summer Lightning" was released in 1984. Lead Singer of the "Wildfire" band is "Paul Mario Day" who started his career with the British Heavy Metal band "Iron Maiden".

A&M Records AMY 380

Price 7.49€

WILLIE COLON She Don't Know I'm Alive ( England )

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