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Band/Performers - Album Title

SIRE 2C 070 63.108


Price 9.99€ 

TALKING HEADS - Fear of Music

1979 France

VIRGIN International VI 2025

Price 12.95€

TANGERINE DREAM - Rubycon Part 1

1this is the album released in 1975 by German electronic music group Tangerine Dream. It is widely regarded as one of their best albums.

1975 USA

RoadRunner RR 9907

Price 14.95€

TANK - This Means War (NWOBHM, 1983, Netherlands)

"This Means War" is the third album by British heavy metal band Tank, released in 1983. On this album, the line-up expanded to a four-piece, with the addition of second guitarist Mick Tucker, former member of the NWOBHM band "White Spirit". Thanks to Tucker's songwriting contributions and to the sound expanded by an extra guitar, the band changed their music in comparison with their previous albums with longer, more melodic compositions, which helped differentiate Tank from Motörhead, the band they were often compared to.[

Goatgrind Records GGR008

Price 14.95€

TENTACLES - Self-Titled (Switzerland) (2010, Switzerland)

Megaforce Worldwide records 780 226 (780226) Atlantic

Price 13.50€

TESTAMENT - Live at Eindhoven (1987, Germany)

"Live at Eindhoven" is a live EP released in 1987 by Testament. The disc was recorded at the Dynamo Open Air Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands on June 8, 1987. The EP was released on Megaforce Records for Europe in 1987 and for the USA in 1990.

Megaforce Worldwide 781 849-1
TESTAMENT - The New Order

Price 18.99€

TESTAMENT - The New Order (1988, Germany)

"The New Order" is the second album by American heavy metal band Testament, released on May 10, 1988. It is the album that broke Testament into the thrash metal mainstream, with singles "Trial by Fire" (which featured a music video, as did "Nobody's Fault", which is a cover of Aerosmith) and "The Preacher". This success would only grow with their next album Practice What You Preach.

Mausoleum Bone 128315

Price 19.99€

TORCH - Fire Raiser!!

"Fire Raiser !!" is the first official album released by the Swedish Heavy Metal band "TORCH" and released in 1982. This recording was released as a 5-track EP (extended play) 12" vinyl.


Price 19.99€

TORCH - Self-titled (1983, Sweden)

Torch is a Heavy Metal band from Sweden and is evolving from the former "Black Widow" band. Torch has been active from the year 1980 until 1986 and resurrected in 2003.

This is their first official full-length album and was released in 1983 on the Tandan record label with the catalognr "TAN LP 5". The production and sound engineering was in hands of "Thomas Summo". It was recorded at the Popstudio, mixed at "Studio Bastun" and Mastered at Polar. Album cover art was designed by "Kjelle Lindgren", co-designed by Jane M. who also did the

Mausoleum Records - SKULL 8395

Price 24.95€

TOX - Prince Of Darkness Skull (1985, Switzerland)

"Prince of Darkness" is the first album by the Germany Heavy Metal band TOX and was recorded during December 1984 and January 1985, in Spygel Studios Kirchheim, Germany.

Scratch Records – 941308

Price 12.95€

TYRANT - Fight for your life ( 1986 Germany)

"Fight for your Life" is Tyrant's follow-up album of "Mean Machine" and Tyrant's second full length album.

Sound and mixing , as well as guest musician is done ny Tom Krüger , who has worked on several dozen Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s.

This album and "Mean Machine" have been recorded by the same Tyrant band-members, namely Kerrmit as singer, Holger Thiele Lead Guitarist, Carl Tomaschko - Rhythm Guitars, Andre Papack on Bass and Micky Budde hitting Drums, Percussion.

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