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Famoso Records 24100361

PALO SANTO y Su GRUPO - Volume 3

Price 7.49€

PALO SANTO y Su GRUPO - Volume 3 ( Ecuador ) Special Price  

Roadrunner RR 9593
Paradox - Product of Imagination

Price 23.99€

PARADOX - Product of Imagination (1987, Holland)

Paradox is a German (aka Teutonic) Speed/Thrash Metal which was formed in mid-1980s. During the 1980s they released two full length albums "Product of Imagination" and "Heresy".

"Product of Imagination" is the first full length album released by the German Speed/Thrash Metal band Paradox. It was recorded at the Karo Musikstudio and "Kalle Trapp" was responsible for the Production and the Sound mix. Joe Petagno (known for his artwork for Motorhead albums) has taken care of the album cover's artwork.

EMI Holland – 5C 064-25737

Price 8.99€

For Sale   PATRICIA PAAY - The Lady Is A Champ ( 1977, Netherlands )

Patricia Paay is a Dutch singer, radio host, glamour model and "bekende Nederlander" today best known for her amorous affairs. This album "The Lady Is A Champ" is the second full-length album by Patrica and was released in 1977. The production of it was in the hands of Jaap Eggermont ( "Stars On 45" ).

Rolling Stones Records – 5C 062-61708

Price 7.99€

For Sale   PETER TOSH - Bush Doctor ( 1978 , Netherlands )

"Bush Doctor" is the album by Peter Tosh. It was released in 1978. A British record retailer banned the album upon its release because of a scratch-n-sniff sticker on its cover, that apparently smelled of ganja (marijuana

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Ariola � 200.894

Price 7.99€


PHONEY & THE HARDCORE - Phoney Hits (1979, Netherlands)

PHONEY & THE HARDCORE was a Dutch Rock/Pop-Rock band from Groningen (Netherlands) influenced by Herman Brood. Phoney and the Hardcore was formed around 1978 and has been active until 1982. "Phoney Hits" is their first official full length album.

Harvest – 064-74 6128 1

Price 49€

PINK FLOYD - Animals (Germany)

This is the hard to find (rare) release of Pink Floyd's Animal album which has an uncovered catalognr on the bottom right half of the label. Later releases of this album have this catalognr blacked-out and printed in the upper right half of the record label.

EMI – 7 48068 1

Price 24.99€


PINK FLOYD - A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987, EEC/EU)

"A Momentary Lapse of Reason" is the thirteenth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. It was released in the UK and US in September 1987. In 1985 guitarist David Gilmour began to assemble a group of musicians to work on his third solo album.

Emidisc – 5C 048-5074

Price 11.95€


PINK FLOYD - Relics (1971, Netherlands)

This album "Relics" is a compilation album of early "Pink Floyd" recordings and is most noted for its inclusion of Syd Barrett-era hit singles, "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play", as well as B-sides to three other singles. It also includes a previously-unreleased, studio recording of a Roger Waters composition, "Biding My Time", which had otherwise only been heard by live audiences as part of "The Man/The Journey" concert sequence.

Emidisc 1 C 048-50 740 L

Price 23.99€

PINK FLOYD - Relics (1971, Made in France for Germany)

This release of Pink Floyd's Relics LP has been made in FRANCE for distribution in Germany and The Netherlands

Harvest – 1A 158-63410

Price 27.99€

PINK FLOYD - The Wall (1979, Netherlands)

The Wall is the eleventh studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. Released as a double album on 30 November 1979, it was subsequently performed live with elaborate theatrical effects, and adapted into a feature film, Pink Floyd The Wall.

Harvest – 1 C 064-96 918

Price 27.99€

PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here (Germany Druckhaus) Special Price  

Harvest – 5C 062-96918

Price 39€

PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here (1975, Netherlands )

Rare release for distribution in the Netherlands and Made in Great Britain.

CBS 450281

Price 19.99€


PRETTY MAIDS - Future World (1987)

Future World is the second album of the Danish hard rock/heavy metal band Pretty Maids, produced by Eddie Kramer and released in 1987.

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