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Vertigo – 824 549-1

Price 9.99€

  KEEL - The Right To Rock ( 1985, Netherlands , Europe )

This album "KEEL - The Right to Rock" is the second studio album by heavy metal band Keel. It was the first to be produced by Kiss's Gene Simmons under their new label Gold Mountain Records (which was distributed by A&M Records at the time). When the band started recording the album, drummer Bobby Marks left. He was replaced by different drummers: Fred Coury (who went on to join Cinderella), Barry Brandt (of Angel) and Steve Riley (who subsequently left to join the band W.A.S.P.). Dwain Miller eventually became the band's permanent drummer before the album was released.

Epic EPC 26051

Price 17.99€

KICK AXE - Vices

is the debut album by Canadian heavy metal band, Kick Axe. The album was released in 1984

1984 Holland

Polydor 835 368-1, Polydor KCLP 1
Kingdom Come . Kingdom Come is debut album by American hard rock band Kingdom Come.

Price 11.99€

  KINGDOME COME - Kingdom Come (self-titled) (1988, West-Germany)

Kingdom Come is the debut album by the German hard rock band with the same name and is considered their best album.

GWR Records - GWLP 24

Price 19.99€

KING KURT - The Last Will and Testicle (1988,UK)

King Kurt are a psychobilly rock band from the UK. They formed in 1981 and split up in 1988. This is a compilation album with two previously unreleased tracks. The tracks on this album were produced by Dave Edmunds, David Batchelor, Pat Collier, Phil Wainman and Steve Brown.

Casablanca – CAL 2008

Price 79€

  KISS - Dressed To Kill (Red Vinyl) ( 1977, UK )

"Dressed To Kill" is the third studio album by American hard rock band Kiss, released in 1975. It was produced by Casablanca Records president Neil Bogart, as the financial situation of the label at the time did not allow the hiring of a professional producer

Casablanca NBLP 7057

Price 9.99€

  KISS - Love Gun (USA, 1977)

"Love Gun" is the 1977 Hard Rock album released by the American Rock band "Kiss". The album cover was painted by fantasy artist Ken Kelly.

Epic – 501770 1

Price 34.95€

KORN - Untouchables 2LP 2002 USA

UAP 003 (HE01-01-UAP-003)

Price 249€

KRACQ - Circumvision (1978, Netherlands)

CIRCUMVISION is the first (and only) recording recorded around February 1978 released as a limited edition of 500 copies on the privately owned record label UAP (Unidentified Artists Production Records).

KRACQ was a Dutch Prog Rock, Acid/Psych band formed in October 1977 by Twan and Cees, who were joined by Bert and Jos (all being ex-members of the bands: King's Ransom and Carmine Queen, thus the band-name KRACQ is a composition of names of these two ex-bands).

Nuclear Blast – NB 3155-1

Price 29.95€


KREATOR - Dying Alive 2LP Ltd Ed Yellow Vinyl 2013 Austria

Century Media 9985811

Price 17.99€

KRISIUN - Forged in Fury 2LP 2015 Germany

Arista 205 255

Price 7.99€

  KROKUS - Headhunter i ( 1983 , Germany )

Headhunter is the seventh album by Krokus and was released in 1983. It achieved Gold status in the United States. The track "Screaming in the Night" was the band's biggest hit to date, and is still played on classic rock radio stations.

Mercury – 6326 800

Price 14.79€

  KROKUS - Pay It In Metal

"Pay It In Metal" is the third official full-length album by the Swiss Heavy Metal band "Krokus" and has been released as five different releases each with a different album cover. This album has also been released with the title "Pain Killer":


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