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IRON BUTTERFLY - Live ( Original Rock Classic )

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Atlantic ATL 20 093 , 1975 , Germany

This is a genuine German release of 1975 re-issue and part of the Atlantic Records Original Rock Classic series with beautiful album artwork by John Kress, Originally released in 1970 and being the first Live album by the American Rock band "Iron Butterfly" ,


IRON MAIDEN - The Number of the Beast ( NWOBHM )

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EMI – 1C K 052-07 638 Z , 1982 , Europe

This is the Super Sound version of "The Number of the Beast" and "Remember Tomorrow"


IRON MAIDEN - Killers ( Heavy Metal, Fame, Germany )

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EMI 1C 038-15 7593 1 , 1981 , Germany

  This is the FAME Records release of "Killers" and has the FAME logo printed in the top right of the cover ( just below "Killers" ).


IRON MAIDEN - Piece Of Mind ( Gatefold, Europe ) 12" LP

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EMI – 1A 064-07724 , 1983 , Europe

This is the European release of "Piece of Mind" by "Iron Maiden". This release can be identified by bottom left text printed on the album back cover, the rim-text of the label being printed in white and the "Made in EEC" printed near 3'o clock, also on the record's label