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Back On Black – BOBV239LP

Price 14.95€


New Entry DARK ANGEL - Live Scars

"Live Scars" is a live album by the Thrash metal band Dark Angel, which was released in 1990. it was recorded at the Country Club live in Reseda, California on 22 April 22 1989.

2009 UK

High Roller Records – HRR 403

Price 17.50€


New Entry DARKNESS - Thrash Till Death 2LP Ltd Ed 2015 Germany

Iron Pegasus Records – I.P.053

Price 11.95€


New Entry DEAD TO THIS WORLD - First Strike for Spiritual Renewance

This album "First Strike for Spiritual Renewance" is the only full-length album made by the Norwegian Black Metal band "Dead to this World".

"Dead to this World" is a Norwegian Black Metal/Thrash Metal band from Bergen. Between 2005 and 2011 they made 4 recordings: "Dominions of Death" a demo recording from 2005, "Audiopain / Dead to This World" a split album, "First Strike for Spiritual Renewance" the only full length album, "Sacrifice" an EP made in 2011.

2008 Germany

Purple Records – 5C 062-97 044, Purple Records – 5C 064-97 044

Price 14.99€

New Entry DEEP PURPLE - Come Taste The Band (1975, Netherlands)

*Come Taste The Band" was recorded between August 3rd and September 1st, 1975 at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. The album was co-produced and engineered by the band and longtime band associate Martin Birch. The album was released in October 1975. It was the only studio album with Tommy Bolin, who replaced Ritchie Blackmore on lead guitar.

Harvest – 5C 038-90505

Price 17.99€

New Entry DEEP PURPLE - Deep Purple III, MK I (1976, Netherlands)

This album referred to as Deep Purple III, is the third studio album by English rock band Deep Purple, released in 1969 on Harvest Records in the UK. It was to be the last album with the original lineup.

Harvest – 5C 062-92726, Harvest – 1C 062-92 726

Price 17.99€

New Entry DEEP PURPLE - FireBall (1971, Netherlands)

"Fireball" was recorded at various times between September 1970 and June 1971 at De Lane Lea Studios and the Olympic Studios (London) and engineered by Martin Birch.

Harvest – 5C 062-91442, Harvest – 1E 062 º 91442

Price 27.99€

New Entry DEEP ROCK - In Rock (1978, Netherlands)

"In Rock" is the fourth album by English rock band Deep Purple, released in June 1970. It was their fourth studio album and the first with the classic Mk II lineup. Rod Evans (vocals) and Nick Simper (bass) had been fired in June 1969 and were replaced by Ian Gillan and Roger Glover

Purple Records 5C 188-93915/16

Price 11.99€

New Entry   DEEP PURPLE - Made In Japan Live 2LP (1972, Netherlands)

This album "DEEP PURPLE - Made in Japan Live 2LP" is the double live album by English rock band Deep Purple, recorded during their first tour of Japan in August 1972. It was originally released in December 1972.

Purple Records – 1A 062-61695, Purple Records – 5C 062-61695

Price 9.99€

New Entry DEEP PURPLE - The Mark 2 Purple SIngles (1979, Netherlands)

The Mark 2 Purple Singles" record is a compilation album of tracks previously released as 7" singles of the "Mark II" period of the British Rock band "Deep Purple". Their Mark 2 period was from July 1969 until June 1973.

Harvest – 5C 038-04175

Price 17.99€


New Entry DEEP PURPLE - Shades of Deep Purple (1977, Netherlands)

"Shades of Deep Purple" is the first official full length album released by the British Rock band "Deep Purple". The sound of their first album is psychedelic and progressive rock as was this sound in Great Britain during the late 1960s.

Roadracer RO 9504

Price 21.99€


New Entry DEFIANCE - Product of Society (1988)

is the debut album by the American thrash metal band Defiance. It was released in 1989 on Roadracer Records. It was the only album by Defiance to feature Ken Elkington on vocals and had cover art by Ed Repka.

Sonic Records – SONIC LP 8

Price 24.95€

New Entry DEMON - Taking the World by Storm (1989, UK)

"Taking the World by Storm" is the seventh full length album by the NWOBHM band: Demon. The album was produced by Mike Stone who also produced several other albums for Demon as well as Discharge band.

US Metal Records US 14

Price 23.70€

New Entry DESTINY - Atomic Winter (1988, West Germany)

"Atom Winter" is the 2nd Full-length album by "Destiny" and is the 1st album with singer "Zenny Hansson". The album was engineered by Ilbert, Chips, Henryk Lipp. Chips is short for "Chips Kiesbye", musician in the Swedish "Sator" band and successful producer of several Swedish rock/metal bands. The drawing on the front cover is by Derek Riggs, known for the album covers and other artwork for "Iron Maiden".

New Entry DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill (1985, Germany)

"Infernal Overkill" is the first full length album released by the German Heavy Metal band: Destruction.

New Entry DESTRUCTION - Release From Agony (1987, Germany)

this is the third full-length album by Destruction. It was the first Destruction full-length album to feature four members. ermany)


Mercury 811 021

Price 29€

New Entry   DIO - Holy Diver (1983, Netherlands)

Holy Diver is the debut album by American heavy metal band Dio, released in 1983. Vocalist Ronnie James Dio had just finished his first tenure in Black Sabbath, whose drummer Vinny Appice he took with him to put together his own band

Elektra ‎– ELK 62 009, Elektra ‎– 8 E-6001

Price 19.95€

DOORS - Weird Scenes inside the Gold Mine

This album "THE DOORS - Weird Scenes inside the Gold Mine" is the German release with Orange Elektra label

Gatefold (FOC) cover design with artwork / photos on the inside cover pages




Metal Blade Records RR 9495 1

Price 27.95€

New Entry DR KNOW - Wreckage in Flesh (1988, Netherlands)

"Wreckage in Flesh" was recorded by the American Punk, Thrash Metal band: "Dr. Know" during June-August 1988 at "Pacific Sound, California" by sound engineer "Scott Campbell". For the recording of this album, Campbell was assisted by "Bill Metoyer". Eddy Schreyer at "Capitol Records" took care of the mastering. The album packaging, artwork and photographs were done by Alison 'Mouse' Brown, Eric Gottesman and Wendy Kramer.


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