Wendy O'Williams - WOW 12" Vinyl LP

Album Summary: 

Wendy Orlean Williams (May 28, 1949 – April 6, 1998), better known as Wendy O. Williams, was the lead singer for the punk band the Plasmatics, whose stage theatrics included blowing up equipment, near nudity and chain-sawing guitars.

Dubbed "The Queen of Shock Rock," Williams was widely considered the most controversial and radical woman singer of her day. She often sported a trademark Mohawk haircut.

Williams was nominated in 1985 for a Grammy in the Best Female Rock Vocal category during the height of her band's popularity.

Music Genre:  Heavy Metal
Album  Production information: Produced by Gene Simmons

  Gene Simmons is the pseudonym used by Chaim Weitz while playing bass in the Kiss band. He used the alias "Reginal Von Helsing" , when playing bass and producer for "Wendy O. Williams".

Sound/recording engineers: Frank Filipetti, Tom Roberts
Recorded at Right Track Studios in New York
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York City

George Marino (1947-2012)  Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound N.Y.C. , he was probable the most experienced sound mastering engineer in the world and has mastered hundreds of discs in all music genres. . Jump to a list that covers the Heavy Metal albums he has mastered during the 1980s

Album cover design by Butch Star
Record Label:  Roadrunner RR 9852
Record Format 12" LP 150 grams vinyl
Year & Country  1984 Made in Holland

Album cover photos of : Wendy O'Williams - WOW

Photo of Front Cover 
Wendy O'Williams - WOW 12" Vinyl LP  
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
Wendy O'Williams - WOW 12" Vinyl LP  
Close-up Photo of Record Label 
Wendy O'Williams - WOW 12" Vinyl LP  
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Band Members and Musicians on: Wendy O'Williams - WOW

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Wendy O'Williams
  • Wes Beech
  • Michael Ray
  • Reginald Von Helsing
  • T.C. Tolliver
  • Special Guest: Ace Frehley Lead Guitar on Bump and Grind

Track Listing of: Wendy O'Williams - WOW

The Song/tracks on "Wendy O'Williams - WOW" are:

    Side One:
  • I Love Sex (and Rock and Roll)
  • It's My Life
  • Priestess
  • Thief in the Night
  • Opus in CM2
    Side Two:
  • Ready to Rock
  • Bump and Grind
  • Legends Never Die
  • Ain't None of Your Business

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