Wehrmacht Shark Attack 12" Vinyl LP

  "Shark Attack" is the debut album by the American Thrash Metal band "Wehrmacht"

  This album is dedicated to Lucky Lager



Album cover photos of : Wehrmacht Shark Attack


Photos of Wehrmacht band on the album back cover 


Close-up of the Black and White "New Renaissance Records Record" Label 


Music Genre:
Hardcore Punk Crossover Thrash Metal Music
Collector's info: 
Recorded at Falcon Studios.
Album Production:

Produced by Wehrmacht Guys.

Sound/recording engineer: David Lohr.

Cover Art: Cris Oxford, Kid Kelly and Bub Johnson.

Label Information:
New Renaissance Records NRR23
Media Format:
12" Vinyl LP Gramophone
Year & Country:
1987 Made in USA

Band Members and Musicians on: Wehrmacht Shark Attack

    Wehrmacht's Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Brian Lehfeldt - Drums
  • John Duffy - Guitars
  • Marco Zorich aka Marco Sharko - Guitar
  • Tito Matos aka Tape Head Tito - Lead Vocals
  • Shann Mortimer - Bass

Track Listing of: Wehrmacht Shark Attack

    Side One:
  1. Shark Attack
  2. Blow You Away
  3. S.O.P.
  4. Jabberjaw
  5. Barrage of Skankers
  6. United Shoebrothers
    Side Two:
  1. Part II...
  2. Go Home
  3. Anti
  4. Napalm Shower
  5. Crazy Ways People Die
  6. Fretboard Gymnastics
  7. Termination