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This section contains the EMI Europe Country Codes for serious vinyl LP collector. In most cases the EMI Codes are the first two letters of the records catalog no: These EMI Country Code were used to indicate the country in which the record was pressed


EMI Europe Country Codes
 0C = UK
 1A = Holland
 1C = Germany
 1J = Spain
 2C = France
 2E = Austria
 2J = Greece
 3C = Italy
 3E = Switzerland
 4C = Belgium
 4E = Sweden
 5C = Holland
 5E = Finland
 6C = Denmark
 6E = Denmark
 7C = Sweden
 7E = Norway
 8E = Portugal
 9C = Finland
 10C = Spain
 11C = Portugal
 12C = Austria
 13C = Switzerland
 14C = Greece
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