Van Halen - Van Halen II 12" VINYL LP

Collector Notes:
"Van Halen II" was Van Halen's second official album and contained songs which were written before the release of "Van Halen I"
Music Genre:
American Heavy Metal, Hard Rock 
Production information:
Produced by Ted Templeman
Label Information:
Warner Bros (WB) Records WB 56 616 (56616)
Media Format:
12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 210 gram  
Year & Country:
1979 Made in Germany  

Album cover photos of : Van Halen - Van Halen II

Photo of Front Cover 
Van Halen II  
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
Van Halen II  
Close-up Photo of Record Label 
Van Halen II  
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Band Members and Musicians on: Van Halen - Van Halen II

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • David Lee Roth
  • Edward van Halen
  • Michel Anthony
  • Alex van Halen

Track Listing of: Van Halen - Van Halen II

The Song/tracks on "Van Halen - Van Halen II" are

  1. Dance the Night Away
  2. Outta Love Again
  3. Somebody get me a Doctor
  4. You're no Good
  5. Bottoms Up
  6. Women in Love
  7. Light Up the Sky
  8. Beautiful Girls
  9. D.O.A
  10. Spanish Fly

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