Toto IV soft rock 12" vinyl LP

Album Summary:  With Toto IV, the band struck back at critics and disenchanted fans alike, delivering one of the most commercially successful records of the 80s. Producing the smash-hits "Africa" and "Rosanna", Toto IV rocketed the band into instant international stardom. Toto IV was awarded 6 Grammy Awards, including "Record of the Year" for "Rosanna", "Album of the Year" for Toto IV, and "Producer of the Year" for the band. "Africa" topped the charts in February of '83 and was a constant presence on radios across the globe. Toto IV gained even more success with 3 other singles being released, "Make Believe", "I Won't Hold You Back", and "Waiting For Your Love".
Music Genre:
American Rock Pop Music
Collector Notes:
This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and photos of Toto. 
Album  Production information: Produced by Toto
Recorded at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, California - Record One, Los Angeles, California. Strings recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London, England
Label Information:
CBS 85529 / FC 37728
Media Format:
12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year and Country:
1982 Made in Holland

Album cover photos of : Toto IV

Photo of Front Cover 
Toto IV 12" vinyl LP  
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
Toto IV 12" vinyl LP  
Photo of Album's Inner Cover  
Toto IV 12" vinyl LP  
Close-up Photo of Record Label 
Toto IV 12" vinyl LP  
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Band Members and Musicians on: Toto IV

    Toto's Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • David Paich - Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Horn Arrangements, Orchestral Arrangements
  • Steve Lukather- Guitar, Piano, Vocals
  • Bobby Kimball - Lead Vocals
  • Jeff Porcaro - Drums, Percussion, Xylophone, Tympani
  • Steve Porcaro - Keyboards, Vocals
  • David Hungate - Bass, Guitar
  • James Newton Howard - Strings, Arranger, Conductor, Orchestral Arrangements
  • Tom Scott - Saxophone
  • Lenny Castro - Percussion, Conga
  • Ralph Dyck - Synthesizer
  • Martyn Ford - Strings
  • Gary Grant - Trumpet
  • Jerry Hey - Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
  • Jim Horn - Saxophone, Wind, Engineer
  • Tom Kelly - Vocals, background Vocals
  • Roger Linn - Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
  • Marty Paich - Strings, Orchestral Arrangements
  • James Pankow - Trombone
  • Mike Porcaro - Cello
  • Joe Porcaro - Percussion, Marimba, Xylophone, Tympani
  • Timothy B. Schmit - Vocals

Track Listing of: Toto IV

    The Song/tracks are:
  • Rosanna (Paich) 5:31
  • Make Believe (Kimball/Lukather/Paich) 3:45
  • I Won't Hold You Back (Lukather) 4:56
  • Good for You (Kimball/Lukather/Porcaro) 3:20
  • It's a Feeling (Porcaro) 3:08
  • Afraid of Love (Lukather/Paich/Porcaro) 3:51
  • Lovers in the Night (Paich) 4:26
  • We Made It (Paich/Porcaro) 3:58
  • Waiting for Your Love (Kimball/Paich) 4:13
  • Africa (Paich/Porcaro) 4:57