Too Hot Le Foxxe French Kiss Sexy Cover Nudity

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Album Summary: 
Music Genre:  Disco Dance Music
Description / Collector's info:  Too Hot was a record label from TSR Mixers (1984-1985), Too Hot has released four albums with sexy covers: Raphael/Saylem, Le Foxxe, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Aleem
Album  Production information: Produced by Mitchil Bechet for J.A.Z. Records
Remix by: Michael Bona, Frank Poulton
Executive producer: Juergen M Mueller
Record Label:  Too Hot TSR-420102
Record Format 12" Maxi Single  
Year & Country  1984-1985 Made in Germany

Album cover photos of : Too Hot Le Foxxe French Kiss

Photo of Front Cover 


Close-up Photo of Record Label 
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Track Listing of: Too Hot Le Foxxe French Kiss

    Side One:
  • French Kiss

    Side Two:
  • French Kiss (Party Mix)
  • French Kiss (Dub Mix)


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