Toad Best of Toad Swiss Psych Prog Brainticket

This is the extremely rare and hard to find Swiss release of "Best of Toad"
Because of the small market size in Switzerland(more often record were imported from Germany, France, or Holland) ,
This Swiss edition was pressed in limited quantities
The stamper contains "Swiss Made" with the icon of a Swiss Crossbow



Album cover photos of : Toad Best of Toad

Toad Best of Toad Swiss Psych Prog Brainticket  
Photo of "Best of Toad" Album's Back Cover  
Toad Best of Toad Swiss Psych Prog Brainticket  
Close-up Photo of "Best of Toad" Record Label 
Toad Best of Toad Swiss Psych Prog Brainticket  
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Album Summary:  "They Say I'm Mad" fantastic agressive White Euro Blues from the 70s
Music Genre:  Swiss Psych Prog Rock 
Collector's info:  Original Swiss pressing
Production information:
Photos by Christian Vogt, Basel
Album cover artwork: Allround Features, Zurich. Christian Roth
Record Label:  Hallelujah Records X 656 Phonag
Record Format 12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 210 gram  
Year & Country  1978 Made in Switzerland

Band Members and Musicians on: Toad Best of Toad

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Vic Vea (ex- Vergeat)
  • Werner Frohlich
  • Cosimo Lampis

Track Listing of: "Best of Toad"

The Song/tracks on "Best of Toad" are

    Side One:
  • Tomorrow Blue
  • Makin' You Feel Right
  • Boogin' on a Saturday
  • Blind Chapman's Tale
    Side Two:
  • Dreams
  • They Say I'm Mad
  • Because You're Not
  • The One I Mean