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Album cover photos of : TED NUGENT - S/T Self-Titled
High Resolution Photos of LPNAME    
Back Cover  Photo of "TED NUGENT - S/T Self-Titled" Album
High Resolution Photos of LPNAME  
Close-up Photo of "TED NUGENT - S/T Self-Titled" Record Label 
High Resolution Photos of LPNAME  
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Collectors information & Description:


"Ted Nugent", the first solo effort of the hard-rocking Motor City Madman, was released in 1975 after disbanding his former group, The Amboy Dukes.

Music Genre:

American Hard Rock 
Production information:
The album: "Ted Nugent S/T Self-titled" was produced by: Lou Futterman, Tom Werman A Next City Production

Label Information:

Orange Epic EPC 69198 Magicland Music 

Media Format:

12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1975 Made in Holland  

Track Listing of: "TED NUGENT - S/T Self-Titled"

The Song/tracks on "Ted Nugent S/T Self-titled" are

    Side One:
  • Strangehold
  • Stormtroopin'
  • Hey Baby
  • Just What The Doctor Ordered
    Side Two:
  • Snakeskin Cowboys
  • Motor City Madhouse
  • Where Have You Been All My Life
  • You Make Me Feel Right At Home
  • Queen of the Forest

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