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This is the complete vinyl discography of Status Quo and lists all albums of Status Quo released on vinyl LP, click on the links of the album--name to see the complete details of each record The "Status Quo" has been a very successful British Rock and Roll band which has produced many great sounding albums. Because their great successes , they have sold millions of records and these are ease to find. This makes that the vinyl albums of Status Quo are not with great values, you can expect up to 5-10€ for albums in absolute Mint condition

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
Vertigo 834 604
Status Quo - Aint Complaining
Status Quo - Aint Complaining    
Status Quo - Best of Status Quo    

Vertigo 6360 128

  STATUS QUO - Blue For You (1976, Netherlands)  

"Blue for You" by the English Rock band Status Quo, released in March 1976. It entered the British album chart at No. 1 and stayed there for three weeks, making it one of their most successful long players.

  Status Quo - Blue For You    

PYE Records SLDPY 818

STATUS QUO - Dog of Two Head Gatefold

This album "STATUS QUO - Dog of Two Head Gatefold" is the 1971 rock album by Status Quo released by Pye Records, their fourth studio album. At the time of recording, the band consisted of Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan.



Rare French Import Pressing

Status Quo - Le Double Disque D'Or Status Quo - Double Disque D'Or    

Golden Hour – GH 604

Price 4.99€

STATUS QUO - Down The Dustpipe Special Price  
Thumbnail Photo Of Status Quo Hello! Status Quo - Hello    
Status Quo - Hit Album    
Status Quo - If you can't stand the heat Status Quo - If you can't stand the heat    
Status Quo - In the Army Now    
Status Quo - Just Supposin'    
Status Quo - Lies    
Status Quo - On The Level    
Status Quo - Pile-driver    
Status Quo - Quo    
Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World    

Capitol Records – ST-11509

Price 11.99€

New Entry   STATUS QUO - Status Quo ( self-titled , 1976 , USA )

This is the American release of the album "Blue For You" with a Die-Cut cover and different artwork

Status Quo - Status Quo Live! Double LP    
Status Quo - Whatever you Want    
Status Quo - You Are in the Army Now 7" PS Single