Status Quo QUO 12" vinyl LP

Album Summary:  Produced by Status Quo for G.M.
Music Genre:
Rock and Roll Boogie Music 
Label Information:
Phonogram / Vertigo 9102 001 (9102001)
Media Format:
12" LP 
Year & Country:
1974 Made in England

Album cover photos of : Status Quo Quo

Photo of Front Cover 
Status Quo QUO 12" vinyl LP  

Band Members and Musicians on: Status Quo Quo

    Status Quo Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • John Coghlan
  • Francis Rossi
  • Richard Parfitt
  • Alan Lancaster

Track Listing of: Status Quo Quo

    Side One:
  1. Backwater
  2. Just Take Me
  3. Break The Rules
  4. Drifting Away
    Side Two:
  1. Don't Think It Matters
  2. Fine Fine Fine
  3. Lonely Man
  4. Slow Train

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