Status Quo Just Supposin' 12" vinyl LP

Album Summary:  Produced by Status Quo and John Eden
Music Genre:  Rock and Roll Boogie Music 
Record Label:  Black Vertigo 6302 057 (6302057)
Record Format:  12" LP 
Year & Country  1980 Made in France

Album cover photos of : Status Quo Just Supposin'

Photo of Front Cover 
Status Quo Just Supposin' 12" vinyl LP 
Photo of Album's Back Cover  

Status Quo Just Supposin' 12" vinyl LP

Status Quo Just Supposin' 12" vinyl LP  

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Band Members and Musicians on: Status Quo Just Supposin'

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Andy Bown
  • Bob Young
  • Bernie Frost

Track Listing of: Status Quo Just Supposin'

    Side One:
  1. What you are Proposing
  2. Run to Mummy
  3. Don't Drive My Car
  4. Lies
  5. Over the Edge
    Side Two:
  1. The WIld Ones
  2. Name of the Game
  3. Coming and Going
  4. Rock 'n' Roll
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