SCORPIONS ( heavy Metal, Germany ) Collector's Album Gallery & Information

This is the complete vinyl discography of Scorpions and lists all albums of Scorpions released on vinyl LP. For album there is a photo gallery with photos of the front, back covers, inner sleeves and close-ups of the record label.

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On the discography listing below you will find SCORPIONS ( Germany ) vinyl records released during the 1970s and 1980s. For each record you will have the record company's catalognr, album title, year and country of release. Complete information for each record can be viewed by selecting the corresponding links. Albums have been ordered in ascending alphabetical order of the album titles.

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

Breeze Music Harvest 1A 062-45933

SCORPIONS - Animal Magnetism (1980, Netherlands)

"Animal Magnetism" is the seventh studio album by the German heavy metal band Scorpions, released in 1980.

The album cover was created by Storm Thorgerson of the design firm Hipgnosis and, as with earlier Scorpions album sleeves, courted controversy. However unlike several of their previous album sleeves the controversy did not result in the cover being replaced with an alternate sleeve. Recalling the cover photo with the guy drinking the beer and the girl with the dog, Storm remarked "That one was funny. I don't think we figured it out. We just knew there was something rude somewhere." Scorpions bassist at the time, Francis Buchholz, recalls that, "Herman came up with the title for the album Animal Magnetism and we all liked it because it's an interesting title. So we had this guy Storm who was doing album covers for Pink Floyd, I think he did the one with the guy with the flames. So Storm came up with idea for the Animal Magnetism cover, I personally didn't like it, but the rest of the band loved it. I liked the dog though."

HARVEST 1C 038 1575441



SCORPIONS - Animal Magnetism FAME (1980, Germany)

"Animal Magnetism" is the seventh studio album by the German heavy metal band Scorpions, released in 1980.

RCA Victor AFL1-5085

SCORPIONS - Best Of Scorpiosn Vol 2

SCORPIONS - Best Of Scorpions Vol 2 (1984, USA)



Harvest 1C 064-64 686

SCORPIONS - Blackout incl custom innrer Sleeve (1982, Germany)

"Blackout" is the eighth studio album by the German heavy metal band Scorpions, released in 1982 on EMI Germany Records and Mercury Records.

Harvest 2C 070-64.686

SCORPIONS - Blackout incl custom inner sleeve (1982, France)

MERCURY SRM-1-4039 / 6337 218

SCORPIONS - Blackout (USA) incl custom inner Sleeve (1982, USA)

Polygram Gong SLPXL 37497

SCORPIONS - Crazy World (1990, Hungary)

Crazy World is the eleventh studio album by the German heavy metal band Scorpions released in November 1990. Crazy World peaked at number 21 on Billboard 200 Chart for albums in 1991. The song "Wind of Change" reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991, and "Send Me an Angel" reached number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Harvest 056-2603361

SCORPIONS - Gold Ballads (1984, Spain)

This album "SCORPIONS - Gold Ballads Spain" originally released in 1984 contains 5 of the Scorpions best ballads




RCA Victor RS 1039 PPL1 4128

SCORPIONS - In Trance Uncensored ( Orange Label, 1975, England)

"In Trance" is the 1976 album by German hard rock band Scorpions. The album cover shows a woman smashing a guitar, with one of her breasts exposed. This album cover gained controversy and has since been changed so that the breast is covered up. This is the original version of the album cover clearly showed the cover model's bare breast hanging down towards the guitar. Later releases have the breast blacked out so that it is not visible. This is the first of many Scorpions album covers that have been censored.


Black RCA NL 70028

SCORPIONS - In Trance Uncensored Album cover ( Black Label )


RCA Victor PPL 1-4128 (26.21 575)
Scorpions - In Trance

SCORPIONS In Trance ( Orange Label, 1975, Germany)

Harvest 2400071 Scorpions - Love at First Sting

SCORPIONS Love at First Sting (1984, France)

This is the original album cover, an alternate cover showing a photo of the band members is used in several department store chains since they refused to carry the original album cover art.


EMI Harvest SHSP 4097 SCORPIONS Lovedrive (UK)

SCORPIONS - Lovedrive ( 1979,UK )

The album cover of "Lovedrive" has often featured in 'worst album covers ever' lists, this bizarre sleeve was replaced in some countries with a more sensible black sleeve featuring a blue scorpion. The album's artwork was named "Best album sleeve of 1979″ by Playboy magazine.

Breeze Music, Harvest 1C 064-45 275

SCORPIONS - Lovedrive sexy uncensored banned covers (1979, Germany)

Fame Records Harvest 1A 038-1575071

SCORPIONS - Lovedrive Fame (1979, Netherlands)

EMI Electrola Harvest 064 7 47 794

SCORPIONS - Savage Amusement (1988,EEC)


EMI Pathe Marconi 2001867

SCORPIONS - Still Loving You 7" Single (1984, France)

"Still Loving You" is the song of Scorpions from their 1984 album Love at First Sting. It was the second single of the album, reaching #64 on Billboard Hot 100. In France, the single sold 1.7 million copies.

Harvest 1C K 062 20 0330 6

SCORPIONS - Still Loving You 12" Maxi-Single (1984, Germany)

RCA Victor PL 28309 / HKAY 32148 Scorpions - Taken by Force

SCORPIONS Taken by Force (1978, Italy)

RCA Victor PL 28 309 (28309)


SCORPIONS Taken by Force (1977, Germany)

This was the final Scorpions album to feature Ulrich Jon Roth

RCA Extra CL 28331-1

RCA Victor PPL1-4225

this is he original cover featured a nude prepubescent girl, which stirred controversy

SCORPIONS - Virgin Killer Uncensored First German pressing

Virgin Killer is the fourth studio album by the German heavy metal band Scorpions. It was released in 1976 and was the first album of the band to attract attention outside Europe. The title is described as being a reference to time as the killer of innocence, this is the original cover featured a nude prepubescent girl, which stirred controversy

RCA Victor PPL1 4225

SCORPIONS Virgin Killer (1977, Italy)


RCA YL 13659 / LKAY 38284

SCORPIONS Virgin Kiler (Best Buy Series) (1982, Italy)


The album "SCORPIONS World Wide Live" is a live recording of Scorpions "Love At First Sting" Tour 1984-1985 .

Durng the "Love at First Sting" tour, the Scorpions performed at many cities across the world, having a concert almost every second day.

1984 January - United Kingdom
1984 February - United Kingdom , Belgium & France
1984 March-April-May-June-July - USA
1984 August - Japan, Alaska, Canada
1984 September - USA
1984 October - Germany
1984 November - Germany, Italy, Spain, Germany,
1984 December - Sweden, Germany
1985 January - Brazil, Japan
1985 February - Japan

Harvest 1C 164 24 0343


SCORPIONS World Wide Live Gema/Stemra 2LP FOC Gatefold (1985, Germany)

This album "SCORPIONS World Wide Live Gema/Stemra 2LP FOC Gatefold" is a live recording of Scorpions Love At First Sting Tour 1984-1985 .

Harvest 1C 164 24 0343

SCORPIONS - World Wide Live

1985 Germany