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"Gates to Purgatory" is the first album by "Running Wild". It predates their piracy themes and mostly has satanically influenced lyrics.

This album "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory" includes the original custom made inner sleeve (OIS) with album production details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory album cover photo
High resolution photos of  RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory

Collector's notes ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

Album Fact Sheet: RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory
Music Genre: Heavy Metal 
Album Production information:

The album: "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory" was produced by: Running WIld

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Horst Muller

This album was recorded at: Caet Studio, Berlin, Germany, June 1984

Album cover photography: D. Magnussen

Information on the people working on the production of "Gates to Purgatory"

Horst Mueller - a sound engineer from Germany and has engineered the records of several German Metal bands, notable Destruction, Running Wild, Warrant and the Swiss Celtic Frost band, as well as many others. He has used several different aliases/pseudonyms, aliases used by Horst Mueller include: Horst "Hoddle" Muller, Horst H.I.F. "The Crazy Frog" Muller, Horst "The Only One" Muller, "Mad" Horst Muller

Caet Studios, Berlin is a popular studio by Germany Heavy Metal bands. During the 1980s "Caet Studios" has been used by "Running Wild", "Destruction", as well as many other bands.

Record Company / Catalog number / Label: Noise N 0012
Record Format12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  
Year & Country: 1984 Made in Germany  

High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory"

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Album Back Cover  Photo of "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory"


Inner Sleeve   of "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory" Album


Photo of "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory" Album's Inner Sleeve  


Photo of "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory" 12" LP Record - Side One:


Photo of "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory" 12" LP Record - Side Two:


Note: the above pictures are photos of the actual album and allow you to judge the quality of cover. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash. The quality of these images has been reduced in order to preserve network bandwidth, high quality images of these scans can be made available on request

Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Rock 'n' Roll (Rolf Kasparek) - Lead Vocals, Guitars (Rock and Rolf Kasparek - Guitar, formed the band "Granite Heart" around 1979 this band was renamed into "Running Wild".)
  • Preacher (Gerald Warnecke) - Guitar, Vocals (Gerald "Preacher" Warnecke - Guitarist with the Germany Pirate Metal band "Running Wild" from 1982 until 1985 and left to complete his study in Theology.)
  • Stephan (Stephan Boriss) - Bass
  • Hasche (Wolfgang Hagemann) - Drums

Complete Track-listing of the album "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory"

The detailed tracklist of this record "RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory" is:

  1. Victim of States Power 3:36
  2. Black Demon 4:25
  3. Preacher 4:22
  4. Soldiers of Hell 3:23
  5. Diabolic Force 4:58 (This track "Diabolic Force" has also been released on the Compilation album "Metal Attack Vol. 1 on NOISE N 0022)
  6. Adrian S.O.S. 2:49
  7. Genghis Khan 4:11
  8. Prisoner of our Time 5:22

Album's Condition and Grading Details

Strict grading according to the Goldmine Grading for Vinyl records has been applied, this record has been carefully visually inspected to determine the grading.

Vinyl: Near Mint (NM or M-) - A nearly perfect record. A NM- record has more than likely never been played, and the vinyl looks perfectly, with no visible imperfections.

Cover: Very Good Plus (VG+) - LP cover will have slight signs of wear. In general, if not for a couple of minor things wrong with it, this would be Near Mint.

Interactive Concept Map of RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory

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