Running Wild Death or Glory 12" Vinyl LP Pirate metal

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High Resolution Photos of running wild death glory    
Photo of "Death or Glory" Album's Back Cover  

High Resolution Photos of running wild death glory  

High Resolution Photos of running wild death glory  

High Resolution Photos of running wild death glory  


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Album Summary:  "Death or Glory" is a Pirate Power metal album by German band Running Wild. One of their most successful releases, it contains the concert favourites "Riding the Storm" and "Bad to the Bone" 
Music Genre:  German Pirate Power Speed Metal 
Collector's info:  This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and photos of the Running Wild Band.

Production information:

The album: "Death or Glory" was produced by: Rock 'n' Rolf

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Jan Nemec, July-August 1989
Executive Producer Karl-Ulrich Walterbach
Album Cover Painting by Sebastian Kruger
Band photos by Martin Becker

Additional Information on the production team-members:

  Karl-Ulrich Walterbach founder and owner of "Noise" records ( Noise Records being a sub-label of Modern Music ). Producer and Executive producer of countless mainly Germany Heavy Metal albums.

  Jan Němec Bocek a German Sound Engineer and Producer who has engineered (during the 1980s) while working at the Horus Sound Studio Berlin, he has engineered and/or produced around three dozen of Heavy Metal albums.

  Martin Becker (Photographer) during the 1980s "Martin Becker" has photographed around two dozen heavy metal bands. These bands include the two Swiss bands: "Coroner" and "Celtic Frost" as well other bands like: "Kreator"  ,  "Rage" ,  "Running Wild"  ,  "Tankard" and several others.


Record Label:  Noise International 1C 067-7 93324 , DMM Direct Metal Mastering
Record Format 12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 200 gram  
Year & Country:  1989 Made in Germany  

Track Listing of: "Death or Glory"

The Song/tracks on "Death or Glory" are

  • Riding The Storm (R. Meyer) 6:28
  • Renegade (R. Kasparek/I. Finlay) 4:29
  • Evilution (R. Kasparek/J. Becker/I. Finlay) 4:43
  • Running Blood (R. Kasparek) 4:29
  • Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight) (J. Becker/I. Finlay) 4:51
  • Marooned (R. Kasparek/I. Finlay) 5:12
  • Bad To The Bone (R. Kasparek/I. Finlay) 4:46
  • Tortuga Bay (R. Kasparek/I. Finlay) 3:16
  • Death Or Glory (M. Moti/I. Finlay) 3:56
  • The Battle Of Waterloo (R. Kasparek) 7:48

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