Rory Gallagher - Live in Europe Gatefold COver 12" vinyl LP

  Live In Europe is one of the best Rory Gallagher albums and it was recorded during his European tour in 1972. Most of the songs on this album were completely new.


large photo of the album front cover of: RORY GALLAGHER - Live In Europe 1972

This is the original UK edition of "Live in Europe" with a gatefold cover

Album Summary: 

Recording Engineers Gerhard Henjes, Alan Perkins, Robin Sylvester.

Cover design and photography Mick Rock

  Mick Rock is a British photographer best known for his iconic shots of rock and roll legends such as Queen , David Bowie , Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Geordie, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Joan Jett, Talking Heads , Roxy Music , Crossfade, Thin Lizzy, Mötley Crüe , and Blondie. Often referred to as "The Man Who Shot the Seventies", most of the memorable images of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust were shot by Mick Rock, in his capacity as Bowie's official photographer.

Heavy Metal bands he has photographed include: Attila, Def Leppard , Doro , Fates Warning, Hallows Eve, Piece Dogs, Riot V, Thin Lizzy, Voivod , Yngwie J. Malmsteen.


Music Genre:
Rock, Blues, Boogie Music 
Collector's info:
This is the original UK gatefold edition
Label Information:
Polydor 2383-112  
Media Format:
12" LP  
Year & Country:
1972 Made in England  

Album cover photos of : Rory Gallagher - Live in Europe (Gatefold)

Photo of Rory Gallagher on the inside of the cover


Photo of Rory Gallagher and his band performing live

Photo of Rory Gallagher and his band performing live

Close-up of the Polydor 2383-112 Record Label


Band Members and Musicians on: Rory Gallagher - Live in Europe (Gatefold)

  • Rory Gallagher - guitar, vocals
  • Wilgar Campbell - drums
  • Gerry McAvoy - bass

Track Listing of: Rory Gallagher - Live in Europe (Gatefold)

    Side One:
  1. Messin' with the kid
  2. Laundromat
  3. I could've had religion
  4. Pistol Slapper Blues
    Side Two:
  1. Going to my home town
  2. In your town
  3. Bullfrog Blues

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