High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)"

ROLLING STONES Undercover Dog Cover (Usa) Sexy 12" Lp Vinyl 

Album Back Cover  Photo of "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)"

ROLLING STONES Undercover Dog Cover (Usa) Sexy 12" Lp Vinyl  

Inner Sleeve   of "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)" Album

ROLLING STONES Undercover Dog Cover (Usa) Sexy 12" Lp Vinyl 

Photo of "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)" Album's Inner Sleeve  


ROLLING STONES Undercover Dog Cover (Usa) Sexy 12" Lp Vinyl

ROLLING STONES Undercover Dog Cover (Usa) Sexy 12" Lp Vinyl


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Collectors information & Description: 

This album "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)" is the Rolling Stones first release of all new recordings in the 1980s. With the advent of the MTV generation, the band attempted to re-invent themselves for a new era.

Album cover design by Peter Corriston 

Music Genre:  British Rock / Blues 
Production information:

The album: "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)" was produced by: The Glimmer Twins. Chris Kimsey

Mastering Engineer(s): George Marino for Sterling Sound, New York City

  George Marino (1947-2012)  Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound N.Y.C. , he was probable the most experienced sound mastering engineer in the world and has mastered hundreds of discs in all music genres. . Jump to a list that covers the Heavy Metal albums he has mastered during the 1980s

This album was recorded at: EMI Studios, Paris, France / Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas

Album cover design: Peter Corriston. Hubert Kretzschmar

Record Label:  Promotone ST-RS 835339
Record Format 12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  
Year & Country  1983 Made in USA

Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Mick Jagger - vocals, guitar
  • Keith Richards - guitars
  • Charlie Watts - drums
  • Ron Wood - guitars
  • Bill Wyman - bass
  • Guest performers: Chuck Leavell, Ian Stewrt, Moustapha Cisse, Brahms Coundoul, Martin Ditcham, Sly Dunbar. David Sanborn, Jim Barber

Complete Track-listing of the album "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)"

The detailed tracklist of this record "ROLLING STONES - Undercover (USA)" is:

  1. Undercover (of the night)
  2. She Was Hot
  3. Tie You Up (The Pain of Love)
  4. Wanna Hold You
  5. Feel On Baby
  6. Too Much Blood
  7. Pretty Beat Up
  8. Too Tough
  9. All The Way Down
  10. It must be hell


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