Roberto Torres is a Cuban musician from Güines most famous for his interpretation of Simón Díaz's Caballo Viejo. He is considered to be one of the highest authorities in the history of the Cuban music. His singing career with Sonora Matancera puts him at the peaks and among the top singers of Cuba of all times. He has made a valuable contribution, along with Arturo Sandoval, Rosendo Rosell, Celia Cruz, and musicologist Eloy Crespo to the documentary Son, la antesala de la salsa. He is considered one of Cuba's highest assets in music.


Music Genre:

Charanga, Salsa Vieja Music

Label Information:

SAR SAR-1038

Media Format:

12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year and Country:

1984-1985 Made in USA

Album cover photos of : ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo

Front Cover Photo of "ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo" Album
ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo 
Back Cover  Photo of "ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo" Album
ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo  
Close-up Photo of "ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo" Record Label 
ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo  
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Track Listing of: "ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo"

The Songs/tracks on "ROBERTO TORRES - Corazon de Pueblo" are

  1. El Viejo Miguel
  2. El Presidario
  3. Para Que Aprendas
  4. Me Matan Pero Yo Gozo
  5. Me Voy Contigo
  6. Mi Pueblo
  7. El Guere Guere
  8. El Popurri
  9. Vanidad
  10. Escandalo
  11. Ay, Que Tiene Ella !