Rainbow Finyl Vinyl 2LP

Album Summary:  Final Vinyl is a collection of live recordings and B-sides by Rainbow and was released in 1986, after the band had already ceased to be when Blackmore and Glover were part of the Deep Purple reformation.
Music Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Description / Collector's info:  Gatefold (FOC) cover design with photos of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow on the inside cover pages.
Album  Production information: The album: "Finyl " was produced by: Roger Glover and Ritchie Blackmore
Record Label:  Polydor 827 989
Record Format 12" Vinyl Double LP Gramophone Record
Album weight: 480 gram  
Year & Country  1988 Made in West-Germany

Album cover photos of : Rainbow Finyl Vinyl

Photo of "Finyl " Album's Front Cover 
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Photo of "Finyl " Album's Back Cover  
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Photo of "Finyl " Album's Inner Cover  

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Close-up Photo of "Finyl " Record  

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Track Listing of: "Finyl "

The Song/tracks on "Finyl Vinyl" are

  • Spotlight Kid (Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover) 6:03 - Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  • I Surrender (Russ Ballard) 5:43- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  • MISS Mistreated (Joe Lynn Turner, Blackmore, David Rosenthal) 4:21- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  • Street of Dreams (Turner, Blackmore) 4:54- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  • Jealous Lover (Turner, Blackmore) 3:10- studio recording, 1981/ B-side of Can't Happen Here single.
  • Can't Happen Here (Blackmore, Glover) 4:14- Nassau, 1981 (Live)(actually from Boston, 1981)
  • Tearin' Out My Heart (Turner, Blackmore, Glover) 8:05 - San Antonio, 1982 (Live)
  • Since You Been Gone (Ballard) 3:47 - Monsters Of Rock Festival, Castle Donington, England 1980 (Live)
  • Bad Girl (Blackmore, Glover) 4:51- Outtake/ B-side of Since You Been Gone single
  • Difficult to Cure (Ludwig van Beethoven; rearranged by Blackmore, Glover, Don Airey) 11:15- Tokyo 1984 (Live)
  • Stone Cold (Turner, Blackmore, Glover) 4:28- San Antonio, 1982 (Live)
  • Power (Turner, Blackmore, Glover) 4:25 - San Antonio, 1982 (Live)
  • Man on the Silver Mountain (Ronnie James Dio, Blackmore) 8:16- Atlanta, 1978 (Live)
  • Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (Dio, Blackmore) 7:08- Atlanta, 1978 (Live)
  • Weiss Heim (Blackmore) 5:15 - Outtake/ B-side of All Night Long single

For Sale   RAINBOW - Live Rock and Roll ( Netherlands )
RAINBOW - Live Rock and Roll ( Netherlands )
Polydor 2391 335 , 1978 , Netherlands

This the third studio album released by Rainbow, released in 1978.

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