Purple Fox Jimi Hendrix Hits 12" vinyl LP

 Collector's info:  Alex Boggs is a young man with hair down to his knees who plays a wailing guitar under the name "Purple Fox".
The same cover artwork has also been used on the album "Purple Fox - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix" 
Music Genre:  Rock Music 
Album:  Miller International Schallplatten GMBH
Record Label:  Sonic 9013
Record Format:  12" LP  
Country  1971 Made in Germany  

Album cover photos of : Purple Fox Jimi Hendrix Hits

Photo of Record Label 


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Band Members and Musicians on: Purple Fox Jimi Hendrix Hits

    Band-members: Musicians/Performers
  • Alex Boggs
  • Bob Gray
  • Raff Witkin

Track Listing of: Purple Fox Jimi Hendrix Hits

    Side One:
  1. Fire
  2. Purple Haze
  3. The Acid Test
  4. Are You Experienced
  5. Patch of Grass
  6. Foxy Lady
    Side Two:
  1. Hey Joe
  2. Git Some
  3. The Wind Cries Mary
  4. Crosstown Traffic
  5. Gittin' Busted
  6. Requiem for Jimi