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Album Front Cover Photo of PINK FLOYD Relics

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Relics is a compilation album by Pink Floyd released in 1971. The album was released on 14 May in the UK and 15 July in the United States.


Detailed collector's information on Relics

Initially released by Starline, the compilation was reissued by "Music for Pleasure" in the United Kingdom; Harvest and Capitol distributed the album in the United States.

The album front cover has many variations for each of the countries on where this album has been issued.

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PINK FLOYD Relics records

Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title

EMI 1A 022-58103 

PINK FLOYD - Relics (1980, EEC)

Music For Pleasure MFP 50397

PINK FLOYD - Relics (1970, England)

Emidisc 2C 048-50.740

PINK FLOYD - Relics (France) Emidisc

Emidisc 2C 048 50.740


PINK FLOYD - Relics Emidisc (1978, France)

Harvest 2C 050 - 04.775

PINK FLOYD - Relics 2nd Pressing (1978, France)

Emidisc 1 C 048-50 740 L

Price 27.99€


New Entry PINK FLOYD - Relics (1971, Made in France for Germany)

This release of Pink Floyd's Relics LP has been made in FRANCE for distribution in Germany and The Netherlands

Emidisc 1C 048-50 740 L

PINK FLOYD - Relics Emidisc 1st German release

Harvest 1C 048-50 740

PINK FLOYD - Relics (1971, Germany)

Starline SRS 5071

PINK FLOYD - Relics (UK / Gt Britain)

Emidisc – 5C 048-5074

Price 11.95€


New Entry PIN sK FLOYD - Relics (1971, Netherlands)

This album "Relics" is a compilation album of early "Pink Floyd" recordings and is most noted for its inclusion of Syd Barrett-era hit singles, "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play", as well as B-sides to three other singles. It also includes a previously-unreleased, studio recording of a Roger Waters composition, "Biding My Time", which had otherwise only been heard by live audiences as part of "The Man/The Journey" concert sequence.


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