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Animals releases by Pink Floyd


In this section of the "Pink Floyd complete vinyl records discography" you will find detailed description and collector's information on PINK FLOYD's vinyl recordings.

"Animals" is the tenth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd, and was released in January 1977. A concept album, it provides a scathing critique of the social-political conditions of 1970s Britain, and presents a marked change in musical style from their earlier work.

Animals released by Pink Floyd

Animals was recorded at the band's studio, Britannia Row, in London, but its production was punctuated by the early signs of discord that several years later would culminate in keyboardist Richard Wright leaving the band. The album's cover image, a pig floating between two chimneys on Battersea Power Station, was designed by bassist and writer Roger Waters, and produced by long-time collaborator Hipgnosis.

The album was released to generally positive reviews in the United Kingdom (UK), where it reached number two. It was also a success in the United States (US), reaching number three on the Billboard album charts, and although it scored on the American charts for only six months, steady sales have resulted in its certification by the RIAA at four times platinum. The size of the venues on the band's In the Flesh tour, and an incident in which he spat at a fan, prompted Roger Waters to conceive the band's subsequent album, The Wall.


PINK FLOYD 12" Animals

Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title

Harvest – 5C 062-98434

PINK FLOYD - Animals (1977, Netherlands)
EMI Harvest 2C 068-98434
PINK FLOYD - Animals   France

Harvest – 064-74 6128 1

Price 49€

PINK FLOYD - Animals (Germany)

This is the hard to find (rare) release of Pink Floyd's Animal album which has an uncovered catalognr on the bottom right half of the label. Later releases of this album have this catalognr blacked-out and printed in the upper right half of the record label.

EMI 064-74 6128

PINK FLOYD - Animals 1977 Germany
EMI-ELECTROLA 1C-04-980434
PINK FLOYD - Animals, Pink Vinyl, 1C 064-98 434, Lyrics Sleeve   Germany
Harvest 1C 064-98 434
PINK FLOYD - Animals 1977 Germany
Harvest SHVL 815
PINK FLOYD - Animals 1st UK Pressing 1977 Gt Britain
SHVL 815
PINK FLOYD - Animals 1977 Gt Britain
EMI 5C 062-98434

PINK FLOYD - Animals 1st NL Pressing 1977


Harvest 1A 064-98434
PINK FLOYD - Animals 1977 Holland
Harvest 3C 064-98434
PINK FLOYD - Animals   Italy
MINT (M): Perfect! This record looks like it has just left the manufacturer, with NO flaws what so ever. It looks as though it had never been handled. No scuffs or scratches, blotches or stains. No stickers address labels, writing on the covers or labels. No tears or seam splits. No wear to the cover or record period! Age of the record has nothing to do with it.
PINK FLOYD - Animals Japan + OBI   Japan
Jugoton LSHV 78003

PINK FLOYD - Animals 1977 Yugoslavia

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