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OSTROGOTH was a Belgian Heavy Metal band which was originally founded in the mid 1970s and initially called "Stonehenge". In 1980 the Ostrogoth became a stable band with Marc "Red Star" De Brouwer, Rudy Vercruysse, Hans Van de Kerkhove, Marnix Van de Kauter , and Mario Pauwels. The Ostrogoth most collectable albums were recorded and released between 1983 - 1985 and includes: 1983 Full Moon Eyes, 1984 Ecstasy and Danger, 1985 Too Hot. After the release of "Too Hot" the band was completely reformed and the succeeding records became less collectable.



Peter De Wint (Belgium) started his musical career in 1981 in the Belgian band: "Crossfire". In 1987 he left Crossfire to join Ostrogoth.

The complete album and record discography of OSTROGOTH

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Mausoleum SKULL 8319

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Price 47.95€

OSTROGOTH - Ecstasy and Danger (1984, Belgium)

"Ecstasy and Danger" is the first full-length album by the Belgian Heavy Metal band "Ostrogoth".

It was produced by the Belgian producer trio Alfie Falckenbach, Stonne Holmgren, Leo Felsenstein.



Mausoleum BONE 128310


OSTROGOTH - Full Moon's Eyes (1983, Belgium)

"Full Moon's Eyes" is the first official record (EP) released by the Belgian Power/Speed Metal band "Ostrogoth" and was followed by two full-length albums: "Ecstasy and Danger" released in 1984 and "Too Hot" in 1985 and

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8374

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OSTROGOTH - Too Hot (1985, Belgium)

This album "Too Hot" is the 2nd Full Length Studio album of the Belgian Heavy Metal band Ostrogoth.

It's the first album recorded at the Shiva Studios in Brussels.

After the release of "Too Hot" the Ostrogoth band was reformed and the sound of the band became more commercial.




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