Nuclear Assault Game Over 12" VInyl LP

Album cover photos of : Nuclear Assault Game Over

Photo of "Game Over" Album's Back Cover  
Photo collage of "Nuclear Assault" on Album's Inner Sleeve  


Collector's info:  This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Nuclear Assult and photos. 
Music Genre:  Thrash Metal Music
Album Production: 

Produced by Steve SInclair, Alex Perialas.

Album cover design: Edward J Repka

Executive producer: Steve Sinclair

Collector Notes:

  Edward J. Repka aka Ed Repka - a very successful album cover artist who has drawn album covers for dozens of Heavy Metal bans most notable for bands like: Death, Defiance, Megadeth, "Suicide Angels" and many others.

  Steve Sinclair, In the 1980s Steve Sinclair has been a successful producer for Heavy Metal bands. As an A&R Manager for Combat Records and Mechanic Records he produced many talented Heavy Metal and Punk bands. These bands include: Death, Crumbsuckers, Agent Steel, Nuclear Assault, Zoetrope, Ludichrist, Possessed, Dream Theater, Voivod, Vio-Lence, Abattoir, Dark Age, D.B.C., Dark Angel, Helstar


Record Label:  Under One Flag FLAG 5 / Combat Records
Record Format: 12" Vinyl LP Gramophone
Year & Country  1986 Made in England

Band Members and Musicians on: Nuclear Assault Game Over

    Nuclear Assault's Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • John Connelly
  • Anthony Bramante
  • Danny Lilker
  • Glen Evans

John Connelly - Vocals, Guitar. A former roadie of "Anthrax" and friends with "Dan Lilker" joins Dan to form "Nuclear Assault"

Dan Lilker (full-name: Daniel A. Lilker) - musician from New York and (co-founder) of the American Thrash metal band "Anthrax" and the crossover band "S.O.D. Stormtroopers of Death" and long time bass player with the band "Nuclear Assault". Apart from these three bands he has performed in numerous others bands. The complete list of bands in which "Dan Lilker" has performed in.

Anthony Bramonte - Guitars with the Heavy Metal band "Nuclear Assault" in the period 1985...2002 with several breaks inbetween.

Glenn Evans - Drums, Producer. Drummer with "Nuclear Assault" from 1981 until today with several breaks inbetween. 1989-1992 with C.I.A. and has been producer of several music records.


Track Listing of: Nuclear Assault Game Over

    Side One:
  1. Live, Suffer, Die
  2. Sin
  3. Cold Steel
  4. Betrayal
  5. Radiation Sicknes
  6. Hang the Pope
  7. After the Holocost
    Side Two:
  1. Stranded in Hell
  2. Nuclear War
  3. My America
  4. Vengence
  5. Brain Death