MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron nwobhm 12" vinyl LP

Music Genre:
Metal, Rock
Trivia:  Produced by Bill Laswell, Jason Corsaro
Original custom insert with album details, lyrics and photos. 
Label:  GWR Records 24 701 (24701)
Format:  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year & Country:
1986 Made in France

Photos of the LP's cover: MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron

Photo of MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron Album's Front Cover 

Motorhead  Orgasmatron 7494

Motorhead  Orgasmatron 7495

Motorhead  Orgasmatron 7496

Motorhead  Orgasmatron 7497

Motorhead  Orgasmatron 7498  

Band Members and Musicians on: MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron

Track Listing of: MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron

All tracks composed by Burston, Campbell, Gill, Lemmy Kilmister

  1. Deaf Forever
  2. Nothing Up My Sleeve
  3. Ain't My Crime
  4. Claw
  5. Mean Machine
  6. Built for Speed
  7. Ridin' With the Driver
  8. Doctor Rock
  9. Orgasmatron

MOTORHEAD Vinyl Records

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