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This album "MAGNUM Mirador" is the compilation album by the British melodic rock band Magnum. It was released in 1987 by FM Records. Released before FM Records released Magnum's back catalogue, this compilation contains material from the albums Kingdom of Madness, Magnum II, Chase the Dragon, The Eleventh Hour and On a Storyteller's Night

Music Genre:  Prog Rock / Melodic Rock 
Production information:

The album: "MAGNUM Mirador" was produced by: Jeff Glixman , Kit Woolven , Leo Lyons

Album cover Illustration: Rodney Matthews

  Rodney Matthews - a British illustrator and conceptual designer of fantasy and science fiction. This webpage focuses on his artwork for album covers from the late 1970s until the early 1990s.

Label Information:  WKFMLP 106
Record Format 12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  
Year & Country  1987 UK

High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "MAGNUM Mirador"

High Resolution Photo MAGNUM Mirador
High Resolution Photo MAGNUM Mirador  

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Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: MAGNUM Mirador

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Tony Clarkin — guitar
  • Bob Catley — vocals
  • Wally Lowe — bass guitar
  • Richard Bailey — keyboards, flute
  • Kex Gorin — drums
  • Mark Stanway — keyboards
  • Jim Simpson — drums

Complete Track-listing of the album "MAGNUM Mirador"

The detailed tracklist of this record "MAGNUM Mirador" is:

    Track-listing :
  1. "Just Like an Arrow" 3:22
  2. "Soldier of the Line" 4:16
  3. "Changes" 3:15
  4. "Sacred Hour" 5:35
  5. "Great Adventure" 4:54
  6. "The Lights Burned Out" 4:32
  7. "In the Beginning" 7:52
  8. "How Far Jerusalem" 6:25
  9. "The Spirit" 4:17
  10. "The Word" 4:54
  11. "The Prize" 3:39
  12. "Kingdom of Madness" 4:25
  13. "If I Could Live Forever" 4:02
  14. "Lords of Chaos" 3:21
  15. . "On a Storyteller's Night"

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