Macabre Grim Reality 12" vinyl LP

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Macabre Grim Reality  
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Macabre Grim Reality  
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Macabre Grim Reality  
Collector's information:

This album includes the original custom insert with artwork and lyrics of all songs by Macabre

Published by Schnozza Music

This is a re-issue on vinyl solutions, see record label 1989.

The 1st issue has been hand numbered and the very original 1987 Decomposed Records self released version of the first ever MACABRE LP "Grim Reality". This is the version that has some different artwork and was limited to only 500 copies.

Music Genre:
Hardcore Punk Crossover Death Murder Speed Metal Music
Album Production:
All songs by Macabre
Label Information:
Decomposed Records SOL-18
Media Format:
45rpm 12"LP 
Year & Country:
1987 Made in UK

Band Members and Musicians on: Macabre Grim Reality

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Nefarious - bass/vocals
  • Corporate Death - guitar/load vocals
  • Dennis the Menace - Drums/backing Vocals

Track Listing of: Macabre Grim Reality

    Side One:
  1. Serial Killer
  2. Mr Albert Fish
  3. Disease
  4. Mass Murder
    Side Two:
  1. Son of Sam
  2. Hot Rods to Hell
  3. Ed Gein
  4. Natural Disaster