MAUSOLEUM Records ( Belgium ) Vinyl DISCOGRAPHY

These pages describe the records released by Mausoleum Records released during the 1980s.

Album Front Cover Photo of MAUSOLEUM Records

Mausoleum Records was a Belgian record company and was founded in 1982 by Alfie Falckenbach and co-owned by Stonne Holmgren. During the 1980s it has been one of Europe's main record labels for Heavy Metal bands. Some of the bands which have released albums on the Mausoleum label are Anvil, Faithful Breath, Great White, Killer, L.A. Guns, Nazareth, Omen, Ostrogoth, Ian Gillan Band and Warlock.

Two people who have played an important role for the evolution of Heavy Metal music at Mausoleum have been "Alfie Falckenbach" and "Leo Felsenstein".

  Alfie Falckenbach was founder of the Belgian record company " Mausoleum Records " and was in the 1980's responsible for the creations of many European and in particular Belgian Heavy Metal bands. For these productions he worked frequently together with " Leo Felsenstein " and "Stonne Holmgren "

  Leo "Rockstone" Felsenstein - one of founders of Mausoleum records (Belgium) has produced some Heavy Metal albums from 1980-1984. These include: Killer - Ready for Hell, Killer - Wall of Sound, White Heat - White Heat, Crossfire - See You in Hell, Killer - Shock Waves, Ostrogoth - Ecstasy and Danger, Axe Victims - Another Victim, Warhead - Speedway, Dark Wizard - Devil's Victim (EP).

The albums listed on this webpage (further below) are listed in order of the catalog-number ( usually SKULL 8... )

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

SKULL 8306

VANADIUM - Metal Rock (1983, Belgium)

is the first /debut) album by the Italian Heavy Metal band Vanadium. This version on Mausoleum records is a re-issue of the album originally released on Durium.

The album front cover is different from the Durium release and shows the five Vanadium band-members.

The estimated value of "VANADIUM - Metal Rock" is around 15€ for a NM/NM copy.




SKULL 8307


New Entry   WILDFIRE - Brute Force and Ignorance

WILDFIRE was a British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) from London, England. This band was active from 1982 until 1985, during this period they released two official-full length albums (and two single's): "Brute Force And Ignorance" in 1983, while "Summer Lightning" was released in 1984.

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8309

New Entry   LIMELIGHT - Ashes To Ashes

LIMELIGHT is a British Heavy Metal ( NWOBHM ) band from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England. During the 1980s they have released two official full-length albums: "Limelight" and "Ashes To Ashes". "Ashes To Ashes" is their second and final full-length album released by the British Heavy Metal ( NWOBHM ) band "Limelight"

FIST 8311
NITRO - Lethal Plus Two
NITRO - Lethal Plus II 1980 Belgium

SKULL 8318

KEY WEST - First Invasion

is the one and only album released by this Belgian rock band

1983 Belgium

Mausoleum SKULL 8319

OSTROGOTH - Ecstasy and Danger (1983, Belgium)

This is the first release/edition of "Ecstasy and Danger" andis the first full-length album by the Belgian Heavy Metal band "Ostrogoth".

SKULL 8320
KILLER - Shock Waves
KILLER (Belgium) - Shock Waves 1984 Belgium

SKULL 8324


This album "On Fire" was the second and last/final album released by "Maggie's Madness"

SKULL 8325

WARLOCK - Burning the Witches

This album "WARLOCK Burning The Witches Doro Mausoleum Skull" is the first album by this band


SKULL 8334


New Entry AXE VICTIMS - Another Victim

This is the first and only album by this Heavy Metal band

1984 Belgium

FIST 8337 , FIRST 8337

DARK WIZARD - Devil's Victim

"DARK WIZARD" is a Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands (Holland), this EP "Devil's Victim" is their first officially released recording

1984 Belgium
SKULL 8338
WILDFIRE - Summer Lightning 1984 Belgium

SKULL 8341

New Entry STEELTOWER - Night of the Dog 1984 Belgium

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8343

New Entry   OBUS - Poderoso Como El Trueno (1984, Beligum)

"Poderoso Como El Trueno" is the second official full-length album, released by the Spanish Heavy Metal band "Obús"

SKULL 8347
OBUS - El Que Mas
OBUS - El Que Mas   Belgium
SKULL 8348

BLACKLACE - Unlaced 1984 Belgium
SKULL 8352
FISC - Tracker
FISC - Tracker

The album "Tracker" is the debut/first album by the French Heavy Metal band: "FISC"

1984 France

Records FIST 8357

WARHEAD - Speedway   Belgium

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8360, Earthshaker Records – ES 4002

New Entry LIVING DEATH - Vengeance Of Hell (1984, Belgium)

"Vengeance of Hell" is the first full-length album by "Living Death". It was recorded at Studio Wahn, Germany, May-June 1984 and released later in 1984.

SKULL 8365
ATLAIN - Living the Dark 1984 Belgium
SKULL 8366
Tyrant - Mean Machine.
Tyrant - Mean Machine , was a German band of the mid-eighties, employing a standard Judas Priest/ Accept style that was quite prevalent in Europe at the time 1984 Switzerland

SKULL 8372

New Entry E.F. Band - One Night Stand Skull

E.F. Band was formed in 1978 in Sweden and moved in 1979 to the , thus taking part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) . "One Night Stand" is their 3rd full-length album and was released in 1985.

1985 Belgium

Records – SKULL 8374

New Entry OSTROGOTH - Too Hot Mausoleum Skull 1985 Belgium

SKULL 8380

BLACKLACE - Get It While It's Hot 1985 England

SKULL 8386

DARK WIZARD - Reign of Evil

"DARK WIZARD" is a Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands (Holland), this album "Reign of Evil" is their only and final (last) full-length album.

1985 Belgium

SKULL 8387

SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records)

This album "SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records)" is the only album released by this Belgian Heavy Metal band.

1985 Belgium
Mausoleum SKULL 8390
BLOODY SIX - In the name of Blood
BLOODY SIX - In the name of Blood

"In the name of Blood" was the only full-length album released by the Swiss Heavy Metal band: "Bloody Six"

1985 Switzerland (Suisa)

SKULL 8394

TSA - Heavy Metal World Skull

Heavy Metal World is the third full-length album by the Polish Heavy Metal band TSA. This is the English version of the album and was pressed as Limited Edition of 7000 copies.

1985 Belgium

SKULL 8395

New Entry TOX - Prince Of Darkness Skull

"Prince of Darkness" is the first album by the Germany Heavy Metal band TOX and was recorded during December 1984 and January 1985, in Spygel Studios Kirchheim, Germany.

1985 Swtzerland

Mausoleum Records – TEST 128317

VA Various Artists - If It's Loud, We're Proud (1983, Belgium)

This split/compilation mini-album contains unreleased tracks of three great Belgian Heavy Metal bands: Killer, Crossfire and Ostrogoth.

SKULL 83107
FISC - Break Out
FISC - Break Out

This album "Break Out" is the 2nd full length album by the French Heavy metal band: "Fisc"

1985 Belgium

SKULL 83109

New Entry WARHEAD (BE) - The Day After 1986 Belgium

Mausoleum BONE 128310

OSTROGOTH - Full Moon's Eyes (1983, Belgium)

"Full Moon's Eyes" is the first official record released by the Belgian Power/Speed Metal band "Ostrogoth"

Mausoleum Bone 128315

New Entry TORCH - Fire Raiser!!

"Fire Raiser !!" is the first official album released by the Swedish Heavy Metal band "TORCH" and released in 1982. This recording was released as a 5-track EP (extended play) 12" vinyl.