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Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song / Hey, Hey what can i Do


In Brief:  The "Immigrant Song" is famous for its distinctive, wailing cry from vocalist Robert Plant at the beginning of the song, and is built around a repeating, staccato Jimmy Page/John Paul Jones/John Bonham riff in the key of F# minor. There is a very faint count-off the beginning of the track with lots of hiss which appears on the album version, but is trimmed from the single version. The hiss is feedback from an echo unit.
Artist/Band:  Led Zeppelin   
Genre:  Rock
Trivia:  P/S Picture Sleeve , Produced by Jimmy Page  
Tracks side 1:  Immigrant Song  
Tracks side 2:  Hey, Hey, What Can I Do  
Record Label:  Atlantic ATL 70 460
Format 7" Single, PS Picture Sleeve    
Country  Made in Germany
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