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Hardware is the fifth album by Krokus.


Music Genre:

Heavy Metal / Hard Roc 
Production information:

The album: "KROKUS - Hardware incl custom inner sleeve" was produced by: Krokus

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Mark Dearnley, Nick Rogers

(Mark Dearnley a Sound Engineer from the USA having engineered on albums for Krokus, Loudness, V2, Wrathchild America and others.)

Mastered by Ian Cooper at the Townhouse

This album was recorded at: Roundhouse Studios, London. Nov-Dec 1980, Engineer

Album cover design: Forty Morell , Christophe Vorlet

Album cover photography: Sulzer and Simon Fowler

  Simon Fowler is a British photographer mainly known for photographing "Iron Maiden". For the album "Piece of Mind" he was called: Simon "Bullseye" Fowler.


Label Information:

Arabella 203 322

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1981 Made in France

High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "KROKUS - Hardware (France)"


Album Back Cover  Photo of "KROKUS - Hardware (France)"


Photo of "KROKUS - Hardware (France)" 12" LP Record


Note: The images on this page are photos of the actual album. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash.

Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: KROKUS - Hardware (France)

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Tommie Kiefer (1952-1986) - Vocals, Guitars
  • Chris von Rohr - Bass, Percussion

    Christoph "Chris" von Rohr (born 24 October 1951 in Solothurn) is a Swiss rock musician, record producer, author, columnist, radio and television presenter. He is best known for being a member and founder of the hard rock band, Krokus . As producer he produced the Headhunter album: Headhunter.

  • Fernando von Arb
  • Marc Storace - Vocals

    Marc Storace , is a singer from Malta, he started singing bands like Stonehenge Union, The Boys. In 1970 he moved from Malta to London. At the end of 1971 he joined the progressive hard rock band TEA and released three studio albums: TEA, The Ship and Tax Exiles. In 1980, Marc recorded and released his first album with Krokus , Metal Rendez-vous. It became Krokus's first big International hit album.

  • Freddy Steady - Drums
  • Juerg Naegeli - Bass (Jürg Nägeli is from Switzerland and is musician, sound engineer and music producer. He has been performing with the Swiss Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band "Krokus", from 1976 until 1979 as bassist and from 1978 until 1980 on keyboards.)

Complete Track-listing of the album "KROKUS - Hardware (France)"

The detailed tracklist of this record "KROKUS - Hardware (France)" is:

    Side One:
  1. Celebration
  2. Easy Rocker
  3. Smelly Nelly
  4. Mr. 69
  5. She's Got Everything
    Side Two:
  1. Burning Bones
  2. Rock City
  3. Winning Man
  4. Mad Racket
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KROKUS - HeadHunter
Arista 205 255 , 1983 , Germany / Netherlands

Headhunter is the seventh album by Krokus and was released in 1983

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