KINGDOM COME - Kingdom Come ( self-titled ) 12" Vinyl LP Album

Kingdom Come is the debut album by the German hard rock band with the same name and is considered their best album.

Album Front Cover Photo of KINGDOM COME - Kingdom Come (self-titled)

Production & Recording Information

The album: "KINGDOM COME - Kingdom Come (self-titled)" was produced by: Bob Rock and Lenny Wolf

  Bob Rock a music producer and sound engineer from Winipeg, Canada who has worked with several major heavy metal bands including: Aerosmith, Krokus, Metallica, Motley Crue, and many others.

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Bob Rock, Tim Crich (Note: TIm Crich also worked on the 1988 Rolling Stones album: "Dirty Work")

This album was recorded at: Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver

Mixed by Bob Rock and Ken Steiger at Electric Lady Studios, New York City (Note: Ken Steiger has also worked for Kiss on the album "Asylum")

Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York City

George Marino (1947-2012)  Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound N.Y.C. , he was probable the most experienced sound mastering engineer in the world and has mastered hundreds of discs in all music genres. . Jump to a list that covers the Heavy Metal albums he has mastered during the 1980s

Album cover design: Hugh Syme

  Hugh Syme is a Canadian Juno Award-winning graphic artist and member of the Premier Artists Collection (PAC) who is best known for his artwork and cover concepts for rock and metal bands. He is also a musician and has appeared in some Rush songs as a keyboard player. Syme is notably responsible for all of Rush's album cover art since 1975's Caress of Steel as well as creating Rush's famous Starman logo.

 Iron Maiden fans remember him best as the designer of The X Factor cover, which shows the band's mascot Eddie the Head dissected. It is remembered for its gritty realism. Whereas all previous Maiden albums were oil paintings, the X Factor Eddie was a puppet with some digital touch-ups to enhance its look. In some countries the cover was considered so gruesome that a less gory alternative was offered (the alternative cover is actually the back of the original CD booklet)

 Collectors may wish to collect his complete oeuvre of album covers.

Album cover photography: Jay Buchbaum

Music Genre:

Hard Rock, Glam Metal

Label & Catalognr:

Polydor 835 368-1, Polydor KCLP 1

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1988 Made in West-Germany for European Distribution

  • Lenny Wolf - lead vocals
  • Danny Stag - lead guitar
  • Rick Steier - rhythm guitar
  • Johnny B. Frank - bass
  • James Kottak - drums


  1. Living Out of Touch 4:17
  2. Pushin' Hard 4:47
  3. What Love Can Be (Wolf, B. Gowdy , Wolff) 5:14
  4. 17 5:26
  5. The Shuffle (Wolf, Danny Stag, Wolff) 3:40
  6. Get It On 4:21
  7. Now Forever After (Wolf, James Kottak, Wolff) 5:36
  8. Hideaway (Wolf, Johnny B. Frank, Wolff) 5:38
  9. Loving You (Wolf, Stag, Wolff) 4:46
  10. Shout It Out 3:37

High Resolution & Quality Photos

Photo of album front cover KINGDOM COME - Kingdom Come (self-titled)
A0717 KINGDOM COME Kingdom Come (self-titled)
Photo of album Back cover KINGDOM COME - Kingdom Come (self-titled)
A0717 KINGDOM COME Kingdom Come (self-titled)
Close up of the record's label
Photo of Side A KINGDOM COME - Kingdom Come (self-titled)
A0717 KINGDOM COME Kingdom Come (self-titled)
Photo of Side B KINGDOM COME - Kingdom Come (self-titled)
A0717 KINGDOM COME Kingdom Come (self-titled)
Interactive Concept Map showing Kingdom Come (self-titled) relations
Interactive Concept Map showing Kingdom Come (self-titled) relations