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John Themis - Ulysses and the Cyclops

Album  Production information: Recorded at Rooster Studios
Sound engineering by John Madden and Nick Sykes
Produced by John Themis
Music Genre:  Progressive Rock
Record Label:  CODA Records CODA 10
Record Format 12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year & Country  1984 Made in England

Band Members and Musicians on: John Themis - Ulysses and the Cyclops

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • John Themis
  • Anne Themis
  • Paul Carmichael
  • Gary Husband
  • Tony Beard
  • Peter Adams
  • Andy Stennett
  • Guy Barker
  • Rick Taylor
  • Pete Maas
  • Pete Beachhill

Track Listing of: John Themis - Ulysses and the Cyclops

The Song/tracks on "John Themis - Ulysses and the Cyclops" are:

    Side One:
  • Atmospheric Conditions
  • Final Cruise
  • Free Fall
  • Whales
    Side Two:
  • Jive at Camelot
  • Ulysses and the Cyclops
  • Run for Miles
  • Lethal Blow
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